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Portland Cheney Protest Pictures

Images from the Cheney protest on July 26, 2004
This is part 1. Part 2 to follow.

Part 2 28.Jul.2004 20:26

Chris Leck

On the Fence Notice... 28.Jul.2004 22:09


"By order of the Port of Portland and the EMBASSY SUITES HOTEL, this fenced area is closed to the public." (MY EMPHASIS)

That looks like plain old in-your-face Fascism to me. The Embassy Suites is now claiming to be a law enforcement entity.

Good thing Kruger was there. With his known fondness for Nazis, I'm sure he felt right at home.

Facism 28.Jul.2004 22:24


Fascism has been a venerable, yet "disguised", part of American life and politics for over 100 years. It's Bush, and the thugs that he represents, that have brought it to the forefront and put it over the top. Thanks to the Texas village idiot for waking a few of us up.

Progress 28.Jul.2004 22:56


Cops learned how to pin on their badges I see, on their Black Shirts in July.

New Weapons... 29.Jul.2004 03:32

Ossifer Felts

Ossifer Felts is toting a Fabrique National FN303 CO2 powered "marker" rifle, which shoots a hard plastic "paintball" containing mostly bismuth (toxic heavy metal) and a little paint.
These weapons were used against a union leader in Switzerland, causing serious damage.


I'd strongly suggest forcing the fuckwit mayor and accomplices to ban this weapon before it is used.

German translation 29.Jul.2004 07:31

99th monkey

For those of you that do not have translation ability........
FN303 translation
FN303 translation

Kruger's a lieutenant now? WTF?! 30.Jul.2004 21:55

public outrage

Last August, that sicko scumbag was a sergeant. He should be out of work! Did he get promoted for pepper-spraying that innocent woman (along with officer Hanousek) in March, 2003?

Is this how it works in Portland? If you pepper-spray women and children, you get a promotion; if you kill a person of color, you get a medal? This is a sick fucking town!