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Challenging Tri-Met Tickets for Cheney Protest

Looking for others interested in challenging their Tri-Met fines for non-payment of fare.
The cops gave me a ticket when I exited the MAX early (to go buy a ticket; the train was leaving when I got to the station). I don't really ride the max and thought I could buy a ticket on the train. Anyway, even if that wasn't true, an attorney that I talked to is interested in helping, especially if a lot of others got a ticket. I'd rather not give my name and contact until I know how many others are interested in this. So pay attention to the thread if you are. Thanks.
Maybe a good witness. 28.Jul.2004 16:14

red suspenders

I worked for a contractor and we had a job at the airport for five months or so at the airport. In five months of riding the airport max line I was never checked for fare. Twice, coming and going, to the cheney event in january and twice this time. I believe there are rules against selective enforcement.

On the way back a young tri-met goon pulled a disabled gentleman off the train who couldn't prove he was elegible for the "honored citizen" fare

Hey tri-met- how much $ are you going to get for public transit if the present administration gets another 4 years?

selective enforcement. 28.Jul.2004 16:37

Catalina Eddie

I've riddin the MAX perhaps fifteen times total, but have never had my ticket checked. In all those times I've only seen one ticket checker. He was giving a warning ticket to a (would you believe!?) black guy.


I ride all the time 28.Jul.2004 17:11

just a citizen

And I get fare checked 2-3 times a week these days. I think they must have hired a few more checkers like 3 mnths ago or maybe 2...there seems to more of them lately. I hate it, but I guess they have to do something like it or everyone would ride for free. The fines are so high compared to the transgressions though! $250 for not paying for a $2 ticket is just stupid

That part about seeing them pull folks off is no joke tho, they'll do it in a second, especially if you are not white it seems. Cross a trackway outside the crosswalk and ZAP- 125 bux. A warning is on record for a year, mess up again and no rides at all. I totally believe what you said about that guy with the honored citizen pass but no ID getting pulled off, some of these guys are way too serious about it.

The fare checker/cop screening they did at Gateway was a pain, and then another one at Mt Hood just in case. It's simply just harassment.

zoo bomb too 28.Jul.2004 23:26


they do the same thing to zoo bomb
selective enforsment
and after riding the max for years
only twice have i been checked when it wasnt zoobomb or dickhead was in town

also those two times it was just one trimet person checking
but with cheney its lots of cops
and with zoobomb the same

Hating Max right now. 27.Aug.2004 19:18


I ride the Max from the Lloyd Center to the Halsey station which is just one stop away from fare less square. I have been doing this for about a year now, and never been checked. Tonight, right before we approach the Halsey stop, the announcer announces that everyone should have their tickets ready for the fair inspectors. I am not worried because I am getting off. We pull into the station, and there is a butt load of cops waiting, asking people as they get off for proof of payment, and they are frisking a black guy, and have him in handcuffs. It felt like a total shake down, sting sort of thing. It wasn't right. I got popped for $94 bucks because I couldn't find my ticket. What a joke. Can't Portland find more creative ways of gouging the public to make up for their financial mistakes? The new tax was bad enough, now they are shaking people down on public transportation.