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the best part of the whole affair was when one protester asked the police to ARREST Dick Cheny, having indicted him for the crimes of perjury to Congress and Manslaughter against Oregon National Guardsmen.

The demonstrator reminded the police of the numerous lies told by "that man", saying that there were no WMD, there were no Chemical weapons on 45 minute standby, there were no unmanned aerial vehicles with bio-weapons, there was no Niger yellow cake uranium, there was no aluminum tubes for ultra-centrifuges and that ther was no al-Q'aida link.

Then an organizer played over the same loudspeaker Martin Luther King's anti-Viatnam speach at the reflecting pond in Washington, D.C.

All of which caused the individual officers in the riot fitted police line all to drop their heads and begin examining their shoes. I only wish that one of them would have had the courage to upuhold the law and protect the citizes by ARRESTING Dick Cheny.


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July 2004 Cheney Protests

Halliburton Lemonade Stand
Halliburton Lemonade Stand