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Worlds Smallest Political Quiz... where do you fit in?

3,100,164 people have taken the Quiz so far.
www.lp.org find quiz on right

3,100,164 people have taken the Quiz so far. (Results are renewed after each submission )

Libertarian 34.87 %
Left-liberal 18.99 %
Centrist 30.08 %
Right-Conservative 7.39 %
Statist 8.67 %


worlds smallest quiz and shortest post :)
Hehehe... 27.Jul.2004 00:48

Tony Blair's dog

how small can you make a good brainwashing.

Unfair questions 27.Jul.2004 16:58


Obviously, one could contest both the questions and the way they are worded as being misrepresentative of the Libertarian platform. For example, sure, I want people to control their own social security (in the form of voting), but no, I don't want it privatized.

How's this question:

Do you want your government to prevent your neighbors and neighboring businesses from making the air unbreatheable, the water carcinogenic, and the forests into deserts which significantly increase the temperature?

(My forested property was 10 degrees cooler than Portland on Saturday).

I wander, but you get the idea.

Libertarians are for fascism emanating from businesses instead of governments 28.Jul.2004 00:55


Libertarians forget that oppression can come from businesses too. And that businesses already control government anyways. Even without the government mechanisms that businesses employ, they would have more complete totalitarian control in a libertarian utopia, since there would be no laws to govern a businesses "freedom" to do whatever the )(&*^(*_) they want to whoever they want, whenever they want.
Why there aren't any black libertarians
Why there aren't any black libertarians