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A Layman's Version of the Dialectic

"For those not trained in dialectical thinking, it is very difficult to understand that Communists have a fixed and changeless goal, but that their method of approach reverses itself all the time ...

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A Layman's Version of the Dialectic

The Democratic Party versus the Republican Party is the perfect example of a communist dialectic. It has been created gradually so that the American mind would not understand. The use of the "dialectic method" is not taught in our schools, and our citizens remain ignorant of its diabolical conclusion. (Refer to the Communist Manifesto for the final conclusion desired of the most advanced communist countries.)

Dr. Fred Schwarz, in his classic work, You can Trust the Communists (to be communists). explained the dialectic in layman's terms. The reader must understand that communists do not approach their goals directly, and thereby avoid detection.


"The dialectical pathway [to progress] is different. It consists of a resolute forward advance followed by an abrupt turn and retreat. Having retreated a distance there is another turn and advance. Through a series of forward-backward steps the goal is approached.

"To advance thus is to advance dialectically. The Communist goal is fixed and changeless, but their direction of advance reverses itself from time to time. They approach their goal by going directly away from it a considerable portion of the time . . . If we judge where the Communists are going by the direction in which they are moving, we will obviously be deceived.

". . . the communist method of advance may be likened to the hammering of a nail. It is a very foolish person who brings the hammer down with a crashing, resounding blow and then keeps pushing. When the first blow has spent itself, back must go the hammer in preparation for the next blow. A person seeing the reverse movement of the hammer as an isolated act in time and not understanding the process of which this was a part, might find it difficult to believe that this hammer was driving in the nail. When he sees the backward swing as a portion of a complete process, he realizes that this hammer was driving in the nail. When he sees the backward swing as a portion of a complete process, he realizes that the withdrawal is as important as the downward thrust to the realization of the objective.

"For those not trained in dialectical thinking, it is very difficult to understand that Communists have a fixed and changeless goal, but that their method of approach reverses itself all the time [as in hammering a nail]. The tendency is to judge where they are going by the direction in which they are moving."[END QUOTE]

Source: None Dare Call It Treason . . . 25 years later, by John A. Stormer., ISBN: 0-914053-10-8; Order the book from the American Opinion Book Services (800) 342-6491.

Is communism dead? No. It is very much active in the USA.

The Communist Party USA has held youth rallies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for almost 10 years.

The Communist Party USA has endorsed Democratic candidates throughout the country and offers them support.

The Communist Party USA does not hide. It has a website. Look it up.

Once a person becomes aware of the way the two-party system has been used to distract and deceive Americans, then the activity becomes more obvious. All Americans need to learn, discern, and then do something different. Change or go down in history with the rest of the nations who succumbed to the dialectic method.


And so it is with Kerry....BIGTIME
ah the evil communists 26.Jul.2004 21:50


To bad the corporate welfare state has already been acted. The coporate commies won, and the libertarians are eating their shit and asking for more. People can be so easily misled...

Inaccurate discussion of meaning of dialectic in Marxist theory 28.Jul.2004 00:00

politics as impossible

Marx took the dialectic concept of history from Hegel. It's nothing like the article says. It isn't like some philosophy of deception, that would be Sun Tzu (studied at all U.S. military academies). What it is, Hegel noted how all of history, at least in any given cultural context, operates according to a kind of dialectic -- like a system or paradigm has a certain "meaning" so to speak, but it also has the elements of the demise of that system, which results in the next step in the "dialectic" in a new system or paradigm and so on and so forth. It is close to the idea that every problem contains within itself its solution, but the solution is never perfect and final, because every solution contains within itself the seeds of the next set of problems. Marx modified Hegel's dialectic with his concept of dialectical materialism, meaning that the dialectic really consists in "objective" conditions, like, technology and so forth, within which the changing paradigms are merely expressions of material aspects of civilization at any given stage of development. Thus, Marx analyzed history around the Industrial Revolution, as requiring the fall of the old monarchies to be replaced by the bourgeoisie (as a transitional form) and ultimately leading to a revolution of the masses and a transformation into a society that is conforming to the new technological world.

I apologize for no doubt fuzzing over a lot of important stuff, but I just want to make the point that this article is a wierd and lop-sided presentation of the philosophy of the dialectic (not to mention, a wierd and lop-sided portrait of the history of the Communist Party in America). For good presentation, there is a German web-site that is named something like hegel.du or whatever, anyway, you can Google "Hegel" and that web-site is excellent and free presentation of Hegel's philosophy, which is a major philosophy in Europe, to be sure, as was noted in the article. Also, as noted, there is a Communist Party website and also there is something called "marxists.net" or something like that, where you can read and download all kinds of Marxist writings. Also there's the "International Socialist" whatever it is, also a good source. Also, again from Germany, if you Google on "Reds" you will find a list of major revolution-oriented socialist parties around the world and their various web-sites. Because, one thing for sure, they aren't all on the same page of Marx or Lenin or Mao.

But I guess this article was a long-winded and round-about thing just to say what most people here at PIMC know (and don't much care) that the CPUSA currently has signed on to the "Anybody But Bush" approach to politics USA 2004. For all the university degree initials, etc., the article is really by a kind of simpleton. I guess the final conclusion ("And so it is with Kerry -- BIG TIME") could be expanded to mean that there is a huge CP-inspired conspiracy to elect Kerry. Maybe a degree of paranoia here? See a shrink. Try meds.