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Nader / Camejo 2004

Ralph Nader Stands with the People

The Bush Administration and the Democratic Party, in varying extremes, are putting the interests of their corporate paymasters before the interests of the people. In the Nader Campaign the PEOPLE RULE. Mr. Nader takes seriously a government "of, by and for the people" within a deliberative democratic society.

NO to War, the Draft the Patriot Act!
YES to Living Wage, Health Care and Drivers License for All!

watch video of the Nader / Camejo 2004 campaign kickoff rally
Nadar should debate Badnarik 26.Jul.2004 22:01


How about a debate between Ralph Nadar of the whatever party and Michael Badnarik of the Libertarian Party...?

I think that would be absolutely the most energizing thing ever... it would crash the samosamo party.

Libs agree with the points of this post, however a debate would broaden the focus and define the points of these and other issues out of rhetoric and into substance.

Libs also think the income tax should go along with the federal reserve. There is the second amendment issue, that would be interesting...

Federal judges, legislation, treason of the current legislative and judicial, and executive branches, and what to do about it.
Courts that are operating as maritime law not common law...
government schools (joke)... retirement, marriage licences/drivers licence, well for that matter national ID's, privacy issues, decriminalzation of drugs. Military, police, prisons, punishment, foreign policy, vaccines, alternative healthcare choices... it could go on for days.

This could be one exciting debate... we could actually see statesmanship alive.

I think the distinction would be wonderful. I also think it is time to talk about more than the codependency of the people to the government and corporations...I think we could then vote for whoever best fits our political ideologies...

I also think it would show just how boring and deceitful the repubcrats and demopubs really are...

What do you think?