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bush crimes
bush has had 2 dui's and was a cocaine user and alcoholic. i am black , have never used any cocaine and never drank and drived. yet when i walk down the street cops look at me .i have never owned a gun.i have been violently threatened by white people and also police.they go out of their way to try to make you look like a 'criminal'. they are the pesonificvation of evil.and thats a word that i never like to use.but if anything can inspire the word ''evil'' , its the racist police and racist reactionary ''americans''
you're a tard 28.Jul.2004 10:01


"They go out of their way to try to make you look like a 'criminal'."

Oh, so that's what white people do. You always sound so much more like a racist yourself than a victim. Why is that?

Wow... i agree 05.Dec.2005 12:32

Ravie kcznexttopmodel@yahoo.com

Wow. ur definetly not a "tard" lol that must have been a whyte guy...but um anyways. I know wut u mean, and i understand, Wyandotte (KANSAS) county police are worse than tha LAPD, so i mean its lyke i feel u. People arent goin to be able to understand wuts its lyke to be racially discriminated against, wen they are nationally "Accepted"..so dont expect them to be understand. Uhm, all i have to say is keep ur head up, and let this motivate u to be sumthin more than wut "they" think you should be. Much love. 1
(Dat black chick)