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Repression in Midwest: Anarchists subpeonaed to appear in front of federal grand jury

Anarchists subpeonaed to appear in front of federal grand jury following a weeks worth of FBI repression in the midwest
Repression in the Midwest: Anarchists subpeanaed to appear in front of federal grand jury following FBI repression and harassment

Word was just recieved from comrades in the kansas mutual aid collective that several anarchists from the midwest have been issued subpeanas to appear in front of a federal grand jury in st. lious. This escalation of repression follows a week of two homes being raided, as well as harrasment and questioning of anarchists including visits to the home, work, family, and neighbors by the FBI. This FBI campaign has extended into three states with repression in colorado(denver), kansas (lawrence and topeka), and missouri (kansas city, kirksville and columbia). Comrades are in desperate need of legal funds for lawyers as we see a new very serious level of repression as elections near. please send legal funds to: Kansas Mutual Aid c/o ARISE P.O. Box 442438 Lawrence, KS, 66044

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Latest update and statement from Kansas Mutual Aid Legal Collective 7/26/04 3:30pm Central
In the last few days anarchists and dissidents in the Midwestern states of Colorado, Missouri, and Kansas have come under pressure from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and local agencies.

Anarchists in Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka, Kirksville, Columbia, Denver, and St. Louis have been contacted directly, or through relatives, co-workers, neighbors, and friends by various branch offices of the FBI and asked questions about the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, as well as the Presidential Debates, and the Elections.

For the past several days, we here at KMA have gotten constant phone calls from anarchists across the Midwest informing us of various levels of intimidation, harrassment, and questioning.

Today several anarchists in the region were served with a federal grand jury subpoena. During a grand jury, defendents don't have access to a lawyer while inside the courtroom. Defendents can invoke the 5th Ammendment but must answer all other questions. The Grand Jury has historically been used to divide and terrorize dissidents. For more information of the Grand Jury's historically repressive role: Tikkun.org - The Grand Jury: The Modern Inquisition

If there is anyone who knows a lawyer that can practice federal law who would give advice, please contact KMA at the email address below.

Now there is an urgent need for for legal defense funds. We are asking anyone able to give anything to please do so.

The state has raised the stakes to stiffle dissent. In the coming weeks we will most likely put the call out for rallies, actions, and other public displays of support.

Although the pressure has increased, we will not back down. More than any other time, our work is necessary. More than any other time, we need your support. This isn't a joke.

Kansas Mutual Aid  kansasmutualaid@hotmail.com

Send Legal Funds to: Kansas Mutual Aid c/o ARISE P.O. Box 442438 Lawrence, KS, 66044