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Forest Defense Camp this weekend @ Straw Devil

The schedule is out for this weekends action camp and skill share at the Straw Devil timber sale in the Willamette National Forest. Tons of workshops Friday afternoon through Monday afternoon. Rides available (and more always needed) from Portland on Thursday and Friday. 4 days of free food, camping, and community resistance: everybody is invited!

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Treesit at Straw Devil
Treesit at Straw Devil
view from up high....
view from up high....
Womyn's action group
Womyn's action group
The Cascadia Forest Defenders (Eugene) and The Cascadia RiSiNG! collective (Portland) are hosting an Action Camp in the Willamette National Forest @ the Straw Devil timber sale from July 30 thru August 2 to bring attention to the ongoing destruction and loss of our public forest lands.

Call 541.684.8977 (Eugene / all locations south) or 503.493.7495 (in Portland / all locations north of Eugene) or contact action(at)cascadiarising.org for more information or to offer / request a ride to the camp.

Water and food will be provided, but PLEASE bring more and bring your own dishes, silverware, and snacks!!

Workshop schedule and descriptions: (subject to change, folks can add more at the camp itself, so expect a lot more good stuff....)

Climb trainings (begginer and advanced) will take place through each day as well!

1-4 PM Medicinal Plant Walk
2-4 PM Camoflauge and stealth in the forest
4-7 PM Hysteria Collective / Responding to Sexual Assault in radical communities. Hysteria is an anarchist collective of women and trans confronting sexual assault and all forms of patriarchy within our communities. They will talk about the collective and possible ways to deal with sexual assault in your community, such as incorporating safer space policies and accountability processes.

After Dinner: Gender dynamics and the history of patriarchy in the forest defense movement.

10-12pm Know your rights - How to (and not to!) deal with police, forest service law enforcement, and what your rights are as a protester.
10-12pm Timber sale fieldchecking - how to look critical at public lands timber projects and take part in the National Environmental Policy Act public comment and appeals system.
12-4pm Direct Action 101 - Direct action how to plan and implement successful direct actions. Topics will include affinty group formation, action planning, scouting, logistics, decision making, and more.
12-1:30pm Radios, walkie talkies, and communications
2-5 pm Native plants, ecology, and impacts of logging on ecosystems
4-7 pm Womyn's Self Defense training

After dinner: Fun, music, and stories by the fire

10-1pm Non-violent communication and accountibility processes as a tools for social change communities. Living and organizing beyond concepts of "good" and "evil".
1-3pm Cascadia Wildlands Project / Commercial timber sale program, National Forest issues 101 and tactics for combatting them.
1-3pm Map and compass skills.
3-7pm Campaign organizing: Strategies, Tactics and Logistics. How to build and organize movements against timber sales and forest destruction. Roles in groups, group dynamics, reviewing and evaluating current approaches and brainstroming new ones.

After Dinner: fun fun fun

10-1pm Health and safety in the forest. Keeping yourself and your friends safe from sickness and injuries, and dealing with health emergencies and injuries in the forest.
1-4pm Lichen and moss identification and forest ecology walk.

-- Rides will be leaving on Saturday afternoon to Eastern Oregon for timber sale field-checking and the construction of a cobb office for the Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project - contact Karen Coulter (541) 385-9167
-- Rides to the Biscuit timber sale
-- Rides to the Feral Visions conference
-- Stick around Straw Devil! The sale could be logged late summer!

Straw Devil has (since Spring 2003) been the site of full time forest occupation, including an all womyn occupation at one part of the sale (Unit 6). A mixed gender encampment works nearby in conjunction and solidarity with the womyn's action.

Straw Devil is currently held up by a lawsuit, the results of which are expected as soon as mid-August. Logging could begin at any point thereafter. The sale is the site of numerous Red Tree Vole nests (the primary food source of the Northern Spotted Owl), which the forest service is not protecting. The sale also has massive ancient 400+ year old trees, steep slopes, nearby creeks, and lots of massive Incense Cedar (an uncommon tree in that part of Oregon).

ALL GENDERS WELCOME (past action camps at Straw Devil have been all womyn oriented and organized) OPPRESSIVE BEHAVIOR IS NOT!

CFD (in Eugene):
541.684.8977 forestdefenders(at)riseup.net

Cascadia RiSiNG! EcoDefense (in portland):
503-493-7495 action(at)cascadiarising.org www.cascadiarising.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiarising.org
phone: phone: 541.684.8977
address: address: 503.493.7495

awesome schedule! 27.Jul.2004 16:38


The layout for the action camp looks great. I can't wait to get there. I'm exited about the gender discussions and the hysteria collective presentation. It should be a good time. See you in the forest!