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WEDNESDAY: Support Somers janitors - who clean Intel buildings

SEIU Local 49 is in this organizing campaign with Somers, who is the biggest none-union high-tech janitorial company in the country. Its janitors clean INTEL facilities.
seiu local 49 3536 se 26th ave. portland, or 97202 1.800.955.3352 www.seiu49.org

Support Somers janitors (who clean Intel buildings) in their struggle for affordable health care

Wednesday July 28 8 -10 AM
Corner of NE Cornell Rd. &
NE Elam Young Pkwy, Hillsboro

Janitors who work for Somers Building Maintenance [SBM], cleaning buildings on the Intel campus, are organizing a union. SBM janitors earn wages below market standards for the Portland area, and have no affordable health insurance. SBM janitors have filed more than 40 Unfair Labor Practice charges in response to SBM's repeated violation of their rights on the job.

Union janitors earn higher wages and better benefits, and have job security to protect them from arbitrary firings. Good jobs help pull immigrant families out of poverty, and benefit our whole community.

You can help. Please show your support by joining us on Wednesday, July 28.