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pull the fence down

how much trouble ya think you would get in if you pulled the fencing down at the cheney visit today?
all you need is a rope and a hook,
hook the rope to the top of the fence
then some people pull on it
then the fence falls down
Cop Troll 26.Jul.2004 14:17

John Doe Protester

This guy's likely a cop troll, wanting trouble so he can call his RRT buddies out to pepper-spray babies.

no 26.Jul.2004 15:15


never been called a cop before
and i dont think i like it
i know they will pepperspray for any reason (sometimes for no reason)
i want to know hoew much trouble you would get in ?
any people out there know?
is it a fellony ?
or worse because its the v.p.

uhh 26.Jul.2004 17:47


I don't know how much trouble you could get into, but it probably depends on who/whether anyone sees you do it. You should know by now, chops, that you are a cop if you advocate or even talk about doing anything other than to stand chanting in a cage with a sign.

"chops" is a retired PoPo 26.Jul.2004 19:58


that is a meanspirited sonofabitch. He is linked to the other retired bastards that are
into egging on "trouble" whenever there is demonstrations involved, so his PoPo pals can
then crack heads (which is what they love to do more than write tickets...macho macho &
so forth) and this kind of talk is nothing but troll-baiting. Ignore him!

have a nice day 26.Jul.2004 22:31

chops freebeebumble@yahoo.com

I AM NOT A COP!!!!!!!!
and it kinda sucks to have people say that i am

forgive my radical idea of pulling down a fence, geeze,
and wanting to know what kinda trouble you get into for that sorta thing
what the fuck!

mabey YOU are cops!
anyone says anything you cops dont want to hear, just say they are a cop and if everyone thinks im a cop then
yea! one more person out of the mix.

if i didnt post this i would think i was a cop from the way you guys point fingers

im sorry if im going off, but to say im a cop is not very nice
in fact its a bad idea

ive been reading indy media for over a year
its a great way to get info
but lately ive been geting sick of all the namecalling
ive never said anything till now
now that ive been called a cop troll!

not a good way to help keep people interested in idependent media
good work name callers

no one has even answered my question
is it a fellony or what?
does any one know anything about this or is this only a place you go to get called a cop!
you better think more before calling people cops
that kinda shit is realy turning me off
the idea is to turn peoiple on!
or mabey thats just my idea

you start calling someone a cop and that could fuck up alot of stuff for someone
man that pissed me off!
please email me if you feel like saying sorry

sorry 26.Jul.2004 22:49


i went off
clamydia brings up a good point as she does often
and within indymedia unwriten regulations
i did post a "cop troll" "meanspirited sonofabitch" "macho macho" "troll-baiting"
whatever else was said kindof a post
im sorry if i scarred anyone with that post
i will limit what i say in the future
if i dare to say anything

Whoa! 26.Jul.2004 23:59


Don't censor yourself! Just tell the cop-baiters to go fuck themselves, or ignore them, because they're idiots. You were just asking a legitimate question, and the people that posted back with nothing but cop-bating rhetoric should have kept their putrid maws shut, IMHO.

Seriously tho 27.Jul.2004 00:09


A metal hook probably isn't the best thing to brandish when you're standing three feet away from armed thugs. If you were going to tug on the barricade, simply pushing one end of the rope underneath the top bar and looping it over and then taking off with both ends of the rope in the opposite direction should do the trick. However, it's not gonna work on those three.four foot high barricades because the legs of said barricades stick out quite a ways, so if you do manage to tip one over rather than just drag it, it's going to turn into a ramp-shaped cattle-guard type thingy that's even harder to get past than jumping over it in the first place would have been. If it's a hella tall fence like what they're using at the DNC, then you'll be lucky to pull it down because it's got the support of the sides to which it is attatched, which means bending steel that has better leverage than you do. If you do manage to pull something like that down, then you have to worry about it falling on top of you. Also, something like that WOULD take hooks to get ahold of, since you don't have access to the top of it except for thrown projectiles like hooks, and I already discussed the consequences of that. The bottom line is that barricades are designed to deter large amounts of people from getting past them, and most of the time they work. Only the really shitty ones get knocked down. IMO, the best way to deal with them is to not get stuck behind them in the first place, IOW: Don't protest in a cage, or a coral, or whatever the flying fuck the piggies want to call it.

how to move a fence 27.Jul.2004 13:56

not a cop

I saw it done in DC. Anyway, the kind of temporary fence they used at Cheney is in linked segments. I saw a guy in DC give one a good kick, and the fence tumbled for miles. Not a real effective barrier.

Another idea is for everyone on the count of three to pick the fence up and move it two inches.

Well, these are ideas, but I didn't say they were GOOD ideas. The snipers on the rooftops looked pretty serious.

Balance is the key 27.Jul.2004 15:15


Lethal force (like snipers) are used only against lethal threats (like a gunman) a bunch of quacks moving a barrier are just pepper spray sponges until a cop falls under the fence then his buddies might kill in defense but snipers are a silly concern they are too expensive to train and maintain to waste on quacks it would be the proverbial "killing a fly with a sledgehammer."

Protests lines are to the real security detail like a game of chess; let the lower echelon (cops/pawns) defend the line against quacks (pawns) and the specialists will protect the 'dignitary' against any technical/qualified/strategic threat. Protesters are not a threat they are a nuisance; quacks worrying about snipers is thinking too much of themselves. Similarly, cops who think that they are providing "security" are equally quixotic to their own importance. Local police are required to set up a line to create an illusion of a meaningful place to chant. Cops in blue uniforms at protests are authoritative straw men; their only importance is to give the protesters an object to press their resentment; they are a distraction like a magician would use while the real magic (deception) is happening someplace else.

Cops at the line are pageantry staged before an audience for its pleasure and amusement. The cops are aware of this and that is why they are usually pissed off; They realize that they are insignificant bit players in the security detail but they must follow the order to dress up, go forward, and receive the abuse and hostility of a crowd against their will. Consider how much contact the Portland police department actually has with the security detail that maintains the president or vice president or any of the national figures; almost none. National security wouldn't trust the cops with real security information/details because development of security plans are to costly to have compromised in the hands of local cops...that's why various levels of security clearance were invented and national dignitaries with their own security detail...it's called the secret service.

Reading these "strategic" efforts "planning" protest "actions" is amusing for the naive infantile thought it represents. Go ahead knock over a fence. It is wasted effort but carry on with it and with your protests because that is exactly what the national security detail expects you to do as they continue to create these illusions for you and protesters around the country. As long as the herd behaves, as herds are known to behave they can drive that herd here and there into chutes and into pens and the country is safe for the ranchers to do with as they will.

It is a shell game, it is three-card Monte, it is illusion. There are only two ways to win; don't play the game or suddenly violently over-turn the table and attack the dealer seize them by the throat and take all their money but what has that gotten you? Certainly not change. When the cows overthrow the pigs then I will be amused.

Oh, if you were caught and arrested for pulling a fence down it would probably merit a good beating and charges including but not limited to; disorderly conduct, destruction of public property (vandalism), failure to comply with a lawful order, crossing a police line and possibly trespassing. Depending on the beating most charges would probably be dropped.

Oh, yeah, please call me a cop since I believe that most protests are a stupid wasted of time... Seattle WTO over-turned the table... it is very predictable for zealots to call infidel those who mock their sacred rituals.