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Cheney's TFR for Portland, Free Parking?

Went and found the Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) for Cheney's visit. Also: A guy told me a way to get free parking but I think it's probably illegal so I'm not going to do it but I'll let you guys figure out if it's legal or not.
I went and looked up the NOTAM for Cheney's visit and found that the TFR (temporary flight restriction: among other things, it's a notice to airmen that keeps them from flying near the airport during the times that the VIP, in this case Cheney, is going to be around.) The TFR begins at 1:55PM and ends at 7:45PM, so I suppose we can be reasonably certain that the benefit is going to be on schedule, unless they decide to skirt the TFR to fool us, which knowing how paranoid Cheney is with his underground bunker and fortified house isn't very likely. Of course, if I were hated by as many people as him, I'd probably be paranoid, too (that's not a threat, Freddies, just an observation). Anyway... I propose we get this party started by one thirty, so he can see us as his plane lands, and so he HAS to drive by us to get from PDX to the hotel.

Free parking? I heard from a guy in a black suit smoking a cigarette in a dark parking garage that if you HAVE to drive (hopefully you are carpooling seven or eight people in a vdub bug or something), and don't want to pay the outrageous $3 per hour at the airport parking garage, then all you have to do is park your vehicle for as long as you want and then drive out, and then when you get to the tollbooth, simply claim that you forgot your money at home. They will fill out an IOU form on you if you do this, he said. Then, it's up to you whether or not you ever pay it, said he. An alternative to this method, he told me, is to punch a new ticket out of the entrance machine when you return to the airport to get in your vehicle. Then, he said, just make sure you hit the tollbooth within ten minutes of punching out that ticket because they won't charge you for parking there if the time is under ten minutes, he said. He also said that you could get in trouble if you are caught walking up to the entrance ticket machine, so be careful, he said. I don't think that anyone should do this, and I think this guy is not very nice and shouldn't be spreading information about ways to rip off PDX. They are barely struggling by as it is..

from hippielawyer.com 24.Jul.2004 14:32

not driving but...

Transportation: The Mt. Hood Max Station is roughly a ten-minute walk from the Embassy Suites Hotel. Parking is very limited. If the Portland Police Bureau, the City and/or the Port of Portland Port Authority agree not to enforce parking violations, there may be spaces available (we will update this site if this happens).

Yeah, right. 24.Jul.2004 19:33


"If the Portland Police Bureau, the City and/or the Port of Portland Port Authority agree not to enforce parking violations..."
Yeah, that'll happen! Seriously, why would they do that, and why should we rely on the enemy to grant us any concessions?