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The State is Safe Tonight

The state is safe for tonight. It shall not be smashed. Turns out we ate real well and came home to watch TV , but ended up having sex and going to sleep instead. So, fuck all ya'll.
Smash tomorrow.... promise.
I don't want to sound counter-revolutionary 24.Jul.2004 01:14


Could we please wait just one more day - until this heat wave is over? - (I don't have air conditioning.) The weather man says it'll be cooler by Sunday.

living in a double fantasy world 24.Jul.2004 03:06

the fantasy that we could - and that we choose not to

Uh, ... which "we" is this that has the power to smash the state, and the desire to smash the state, but just not the, uh, WILL, or whatever?

Come on, dude. You know how many anarchists there are in America? There are probably more cops, and that doesn't even count all the rednecks who would come out to kick our asses as soon as Rupert Murdoch told them to on Fox News. We could torch some more SUV's and go to jail for the rest of our fuckin' lives if we got caught. What the fuck would that prove?

Internal dissent the perrenial obstacle to change 24.Jul.2004 09:36


A group of committed anarchists meet in the musty cellar of an abandoned building in the shadow of the Capitol to finalize plans for a bloody coup in the very corridors of power. Wooden crates of crudely produced bombs and cases of pre-World-War Russian rifles are stacked in readiness against the walls. The pungent odors of kerosene lamps, sweat, and homemade nitroglycerine hang in the air, lending an atmosphere to this dank and forbidding place that seems well-suited to its grim purpose. The leader of the group addresses his followers in impassioned tones, laying out last-minute details for the bloody assault that will shortly unfold.

The final briefing draws to a close, and the participants in the drama congregate in smaller groups, their features set in masks of grim determination that belie the emotions all are feeling. How wonderful it will be to finally smash the state and send its Faustian agents to an early grave! How glorious to play so personal a part in this historic moment!

As those nearest the stores of contraband weaponry begin to arm themselves and buckle on their improvised body armor, an animated disagreement erupts that soon makes it apparent all is not well. Angry voices betray the deep divisions within this band of revolutionaries, who, it turns out, are irreconcilably torn between overthrowing the government and going for ice cream.

how it really works 24.Jul.2004 11:10


If you want to destroy the state...become a republican or a democrat...get involved with the organizations "as if you cared" take on assignments (carry none out), become part of the machine, and then turn it on it's head...That is exactly what's gone on with each party over the last 40 years - those with an agenda got involved and took it over, so why don't you just get organized, get involved, become in charge or this or that, then break the system down to reflect your ideology like those assholes have done.

You cant make change by just complaining endlessly...you have to actually do stuff..and I'm not talking about wearing a bandana, I'm talking about taking the system back and moulding it by being as organized as they are. It seems that the anti repubs and dems just cant get organized and that's sad..

Hah! 24.Jul.2004 19:27


"A group of committed anarchists..." "The leader of the group addresses his followers..."

well since im not in revolt.... 25.Jul.2004 15:15


since im not so involved; i just spread propaganda. Music and video are the easiest to transmit while books have the most lasting impact if you can find one inclined to read.

i find that most often; in this culture; the means of the first radical thought introduced to all these 20-somethings is the hip hop artist 'immortal technique' -- it works with the 'coolness' factor.