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Klamath Tribes in Scottish Power meeting demanding that the Klamath River dams be removed

Today the Klamath Tribes, environmentalist and fishermen are in the shareholders meeting in Scotland telling Scottish Power to free the Klamath River. Please Take a moment of your day to support the communities of the Klamath and to demand justice over profit for the Klamath River. Two years ago 34,000 wild Salmon died in Klamath, the tribes and communities of the Klamath need these fish to survive. Please help us to say never again. Act now and you can help to free the river and Save the Klamath Salmon. Email  ScottishPower@pelicannetwork.org. One Klamath communitiy members comments are below.
 Dead salmon line the banks of the Klamath River on Sept. 28, 2002. - AP
Dead salmon line the banks of the Klamath River on Sept. 28, 2002. - AP
Dear Scottish Power board of directors,

Hello my name is Regina Chichizola and I live in the small community of Happy Camp,CA that is located in the mid-Klamath River. We are a community that has become very economically depressed in the last ten years due to the over logging of public lands and related mill closures. The only income our community now receives is from the recreation industry and Karuk tribe. Both work very hard to keep our essential institutions open, like the high school, doctors office and grocery store. I am located so that I can not receive electricity, and most of the people and towns around me also can not.

We have been recently having very hard times due to the state of the river and the continual fish kills. The Salmon extinction on the Klamath threatens our communities in every way. Tourist do not want to raft or swim in a dirty warm river that stinks of rotting fish. The Impact of your dams on our community have been devastating and we are only one of the many communities suffering.

This is not only an environmental or economic issue for us on the Klamath. There are few places in the first world were people are so dependent on the health of the river. The larger down river fishing communities have lost their livelihoods. The upriver tribes and other fish dependent communities have not seen the return of there main food source in 50 years. This is not only an environmental issue, but a human right violation.

We would never dream of making it so that your children can not eat, or that you would have to live in the desperation of knowing your way of life and possibly you families are being pushed into extinction like the Salmon. The fishing communities are almost completely gone, with a few fishermen fighting hard for no money so that maybe there children may fish again. They can not eat electricity. The Native Americans of the river are needing to constantly raise money for litigation in the hopes that their children with be able to eat salmon and not die of heart failure or other heath problems caused by a massive diet change and poverty. I feel that Scottish Power has the right to make money, but how many communities are you going to deny this right? The tribes and other communities of the Klamath River do not for the most part receive power from the dammed Klamath, and we have the right to live just like you do.

Our communities need salmon and clean water. Every year the river gets warmer and lower and more fish die. The river needs salmon. They feed the birds, the bears, the humans and countless other animals. Our river needs water and it needs undammed clean water. There is no way that the profit for such a small amount of power can be worth the hundreds of miles of river where people can no longer fish and the communities are living in poverty.

Please come see why the world is paying attention to this situation. Float down the Klamath, visit it's wild tributaries, talk to the native people about there ways and care for the river swim with wild salmon that are five feet long. Then please make the right choice and free the river and our communities. Our economical, spiritual, health and environmental well being are in your hands. Things can not continue like this.

Free the dammed Klamath, Save our communities. Please choose humanity over profit. Think about the statement if would make to companies worldwide if Scottish Power showed a commitment to justice and the environment. We would love to work with you to take down the dams.

Thank you for the chance to comment.
Regina Chichizola
Somes Bar CA

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