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Tell ONRC/Sierra what you think about their Wilderness Bill

Ron Wyden just released a "Wilderness Bill" (see attached word document,
which includes analysis) which will INCREASE logging on Mt. Hood in
exchange for additional wilderness areas.

Worse, ONRC and Sierra Club ENDORSED it!

See ONRC's press release below...
See yesterday's oregonian for "the story":

Don't let Wyden-ONRC-Sierra Club get away with this scam!
1st my 2 cents:

These groups have put enormose organizational energy into lobbying for this bill, rallying public testimony, etc.

Although I imagine they regret that the bill simply trades one forest's life for another's they are unlikely to acknowledge this in public, and even less likely to back down their support, since to do so would be to admit failure (which doesn't exactly look good in the media, to funders, or even to their supporters).

How 'bout letting these folks know what you think about that as a conservation ethic:

Regna Merritt \  rm@onrc.org
Paul Shively \  paul.shively@sierraclub.org
Jay Ward \  jw@onrc.org

we've already wrecked 95% of the U$A's ecosystems - not one more step backward!

July 22, 2004
CONTACT: Steve Pedery, (503) 283-6343 ext. 212

ONRC Praises Legislation Protecting Mt. Hood and the Columbia Gorge

Senator Wyden's bill provides a foundation for protecting Mt. Hood and the
Columbia Gorge; attention now turns to the rest of Oregon's
Congressional Delegation

Portland-The Oregon Natural Resources Council today commended new
legislation authored by Oregon Senator Ron Wyden that would protect
177,000 acres of wild lands around Mount Hood and in the Columbia Gorge.
The Lewis and Clark Mount Hood Wilderness Act of 2004 would preserve these
areas as a legacy for generations, safeguarding important public lands in
two of the most beloved places in Oregon.

"We want to thank Senator Wyden for his vision and leadership. His
legislation provides us with a foundation for protecting Mount Hood and
the Columbia Gorge," said Jay Ward, Conservation Director of the Oregon
Natural Resources Council. "Now we need the help of the rest of
Oregon's Congressional delegation to make this vision a reality."

Mount Hood and the Columbia Gorge receive millions of visitors each year,
but some of their most popular areas have little real protection from
logging and other forms of development. Senator Wyden's
legislation would grant formal wilderness protections to such places as:

* Lost Lake and the surrounding old-growth forests.
* The historic back country trails of the Tilly Jane area.
* The scenic forests and meadows around Twin Lakes, Boulder Lake,
and Mirror Lake.
* The headwaters of the Hood River.
* The Roaring River, a rugged and beautiful tributary of the

"A century from now, no one will look back and say that we didn't build
enough parking lots on Mount Hood, or allow enough clear cuts along the
Columbia Gorge," added Ward. "But they will look back and thank Senator
Wyden for making sure that future generations have the opportunity to
enjoy these special places."

While ONRC expressed some concern over certain provisions of the bill,
including mountain bikes and logging in other areas around Mount Hood, the
organization looks forward to working with the Senator to iron out these

Ward noted that over the last year Senator Wyden, along with Congressmen
Greg Walden and Earl Blumenauer, have held numerous public forums on the
future of Mount Hood and the Columbia Gorge. At these forums Oregonians
have spoken out overwhelmingly in favor of more protection for these
special places.

"Senator Wyden has delivered on his promise to help preserve the wild
lands of Mount Hood and the Columbia Gorge," concluded Ward. "Now it is
up to Congressmen Walden and Blumenauer to uphold their side of the