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Jail Support - 7/26/04

We are promoting a peaceful, if vocal protest, and conflict
with law enforcement is not our aim. We may encounter provocation from police, but it is up to us to decide how to deal with it. We don't have to take the bait. However this is a time of tension and the police may behave erratically.
If you experience arrest or police brutality, get to a pay phone or borrow a cell phone and call this number:

jail support (503) 234-4518
call collect if necessary
Belmont Law Center (503) 234-2694
no collect calls

If you witness arrests or injuries, please call with specific information of time, location, names (or nicknames) of arrestees, names of cops, etc... Not
wanting to tie up the Jail Support line we are using a separate line for reports from the street. The number for non-arrestees is 503-231-5488.

Write these numbers on your body in permanent (indelible) ink and share
with others.

If you are arrested you will likely have limited access to a telephone.
If you call the jail support number, we can pass messages on to your
family, housemates, employer, and/or lawyer informing them of your
situation. We are not lawyers ourselves, but we work with members of the National Lawyers Guild to provide for defense and civil litigation when needed. We also have volunteer drivers to provide rides home from jail at 4:00 am. You are not alone.

Remember that any calls made from custody may be monitored by the police.
with the Big Dick Cheney coming to town, the 23.Jul.2004 22:42

local pigs (PoPo)

will shit all over themselves. Get ready...it's going to happen...be prepared!

And the same to you, Dick ... 24.Jul.2004 09:35

konzerned denison

I think the graphical message on IMCpdx of June 26th bears repeating here. See web link.
. . . The JPEG there is high enough quality for use as a photo blowup sign to carry on Monday.
. . . Heard tell that press photographs of protestors behind nasty looking fences/pens is intended for intimidation more than for crowd control.
. . . Wouldn't it be nice if a group held up 22"x28" standard vertical signs-on-a-stick containing one huge letter each, spelling out a greeting to our vice-Resident as cordial as that delivered to Patrick Leahy in the Senate Chamber by the vice-Resident himself on that watershed day for English usage in America, Thursday June 24th 2004.