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There should be some kind of cabinet-level director of foreign policy

Oh wait, that's Secretary of State Colin Powell
The major "finding" of the 9/11 Commision is that there should be a cabinet level director of intelligence, or an "intelligence czar."

Isn't that what Tom Ridge basically is right now as Secretary of Homeland Security? All domestic intelligence agencies come under DHS jurisdiction, don't they?

The commission willfully ignored the fact that US foreign policy, as demonstrated especially by Bush jr., but more or less by everyone since Teddy Roosevelt, invites hostility and anger towards the US, and OUGHT TO BE CHANGED. It's not enough that the US is a nicer place to live than, say, most third-world countries. We must be nicer to those third world countries, not just a nice place for some immigrants to come to.

Which made me consider that there should be some kind of "foreign policy czar" but then I remembered that Colin Powell assumes such powers. He however has taken a back seat to the real dynamic players in the Bush gang...

and then there was a...
Been there - tried that 23.Jul.2004 08:47


Yes, these positions DO already exist, but at least (on paper anyway) there is a system of checks and balances. What is proposed would create positions of pretty much absolute and unaccountable authority, which is why the 9-11 Commission's recommendations are just a wee bit frightening. Apparently not content with the Orwellian lengths to which the administration has already gone to cancel Constitutional guarantees and concentrate authority in a limited number of hands, the Commission recommends more of the same, only BETTER! Congress is already pondering what it can do to make the country more of a police state.

As for the newly-proposed cabinet level positions, the idea of consolidating such powers has been tried before, VERY effectively:

"Intelligence Czar" = Heinrich Himmler
"Foreign Policy Czar" = Joachim von Ribbentrop

Dangerous omission in 9/11 report 23.Jul.2004 10:31


I agree with JR.

I heard an NPR interview with Commissioner Roemer yesterday. He said something like: "We don't know what the terrorists will do. We don't know when they'll do it. And we don't know why."

Don't know why!? Hell Osama bin Ladn has put his reasons in writing.

Never mind W's bushshit about terrorist hating freedom and the American way of life. Many Arabs (and others) hate the U.S. government for supporting Israel unjustly against the Palestinians; troop presence near Islamic holy sites in Saudi; exploitive colonialist practices; etc. Until these foreign policy practices are adddressed bureaucratic reshuffling will have no impact. until the U.S. actually LISTENS to the people who are angry at us and look at the ROOT causes of terrorism there will be more trouble. It's treating the symptom without treating the disease.

Yup 23.Jul.2004 10:48


Any way you cut it, we are the cause of the problem. The US and Israel. If we stopped being the global bully, people would not have to fight back.

DCI 23.Jul.2004 14:18

Bison Boy

According to several reports I've heard, the position George Tenet recently held is not called "director of the Central Intelligence Agency," but rather "Director of Central Intelligence." That is, the position they're talking about is basically identical to the original job of the DCI.

The position already exists, technically, but although the office has responsibility for intelligence integration, it does not have authority over the myriad of intelligence agencies and their budgets. (It's also not cabinet-level, but in a rational world one wonders why it would have to be.)

Spot the spin... 23.Jul.2004 21:13

Tony Blair's dog

JP says...

"Don't know why!? Hell Osama bin Ladn has put his reasons in writing."


What writing is that?