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Leave your SUVs at home!

Clean Air Action Day
A CAAD "Clean Air Action Day' is being called for tomorrow and Saturday so try to carpool, take the bus or MAX or bicycle, ESPECIALLY if you drive a big gashog SUV.
Just Say No To SUVs 23.Jul.2004 07:28


Better yet leave the SUVs in the dealerships' lots!

greg snyder 23.Jul.2004 10:08


i'm guilty too because i drive a honda civic at home and when i work usually a full-sized rental car. but in terms of waste and trashing the environment, i don't think anything beats suvs, which, of course, advertising has been ramming down our throats for quite a few years now. i guess the advertising has paid off big time judging by the huge numbers of suvs choking the roadways. we might as well be driving around a fleet of tanks. "oh, but they are roomy and comfortable and big enough for the whole family", etc.. well fool, how much money does it take to fill up your gargantuan tank that follows absolutely no fuel efficiency standards and degrades the quality of the air not to mention adds huge amounts of tonnage of co2 to the earth's atmosphere? but, if you are a bush supporter, you believe that that doesn't matter anyway. i also think its really charming when the owners of these monsters put bumperstickers on their tanks, bumperstickers like "keep tahoe blue". nice thought. but if you were ecologically minded you would find a way to see to it that tahoe actually is protected which would include not driving your suv up there. but really, thanks for the concern (wink).

Myth 23.Jul.2004 10:52


"oh, but they are roomy and comfortable and big enough for the whole family"

Thats an advertising myth. Mini-vans have a range of 140-170cu feet cargo space vs the SUVs from 40 cu ft to 130 for the biggest. The biggest and heaviest SUV the Hummer only has 80 cu feet cargo space. The Explorer which is the best selling SUV has 80 cu feet cargo space too. Minivans also have much better gas mileage than the average midsize SUVs like the Explorer. Most families are just fooling themselves anyway about all the space they think they need.

Fooling themselves 23.Jul.2004 12:18

Crucified Ego

Well, they're also fooling themselves that they need a V8, when in all actuality, if their SUV was designed right, a hybrid with a 4-cyl engine would suffice. Same with the cargo space. We all know that SUVs are status symbols. The bigger your rig, the better you are. Such BS. I make it a point to flip the bird to every SUV driver with a bush/cheney sticker i find. Passive/agressive? yes. Childish? yes. But at least i'm on their level.


Nah 24.Jul.2004 03:45

Skip It

I'll pass. Unless TriMet starts offering the free rides on smog alert days like they used to.

buckhead bathtub bandits brigade (uglf) attacks suvs on site 24.Jul.2004 12:10

urban guerrilla liberation front

we routinely damage/destroy these scourges, last night alone saw the damage of three alone. on a good night we get about ten. destroy and damage these beasts. they are our enemy

just say no 25.Jul.2004 12:27

greg snyder

the first guy (or gal) was right. suvs should be left on the saleslots.