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Oregon Inmates allowed books again - VICTORY!

Inmates, authors, educators and activists flooded the Department of Corrections with letters rejecting the ODC rule change that would have limited the number of books prisoners in Oregon can have.
Oregon Inmate rule change - Victory!
From the Western Prison Project

A victory for those who believe that inmates in our Oregon penal system should have the right to receive books!

The Western Prison project reports that the Oregon State Prison system has decided not to limit the number of books that prisoners can have in their possession. The rule change to keep books and other items from prisoners was turned back when over 450 people including prisoners, educators, authors, activists, librarians and others complained hardily to the Oregon Department of Corrections.

One prisoner in Salem said, "Reading keeps your mind fresh". Danny Walker who lives at the Oregon State Penitentary told local journalists this week, "Reading reduces prison-related stress and loneliness. The rule would have kept us from self-educating ourselves. Many of us have encyclopedia collections which have volumes A-Z, he said."

Corrections officials previously cited two main reasons for proposing broad limits on inmate property: reducing the risk of fire in state prisons and creating uniform limits across the 12-prison system.

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