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government selection 2004

Nader fails to make the Oregon ballot by 50 votes

PORTLAND - Ralph Nader's Oregon campaign today accused Democrats of engaging in "sabotage" to keep the consumer activist off Oregon's presidential ballot.
July 22, 2004

Nader spokesman Greg Kafoury says a June 26th convention in Portland fell 50 signatures short of the one-thousand signatures needed to qualify Nader for the ballot.

Kafoury says that happened because dozens of Democrats who oppose Nader's candidacy showed up for the convention, but then refused to sign petitions to place Nader's name on the November ballot.

It was Nader's second failed attempt to gain ballot access.

Nader's supporters aren't giving up, though.

They now are mounting a statewide petition drive to gather 15-thousand signatures to place the consumer activist on the Oregon ballot this fall.

homepage: homepage: http://naderoregon.org

all for the best 22.Jul.2004 18:40

ex-democrat voter

The democrats have shot off both their feet by 1) showing that they don't care about the principles of democracy and 2) allowing Nader supporters to get Nader onto the ballot with thousands of signatures instead of just 1000 (thereby strengthening his campaign). The democrats have turned many people off and pushed those who care about democracy away while remaining attractive to republican defectors. I have no doubt that with the large numbers of republicans planning on voting for Kerry that Kerry will win (barring the effects of voter fraud), but the democratic party will be reduced to the defacto corporate interest party in this country (while the tatters of the republican party becomes the evangelical christian party). All in all, it will be a good time for anyone who disagrees with the corporate rule of this country to create and strengthen alternatives. I'm glad neither the democrats or republicans can launch a strategy that is effective or contains a shred of integrity so that both parties can continue to implode.

I'll second that 22.Jul.2004 19:00

another ex-Democratic voter

I just changed my registration today (to independent) and I will be out on the streets next week to gather signatures. The Democrats have exposed themselves as a non-democratic force, and they have chosen a path leading to their own demise. Good riddance!

I like Nadar 22.Jul.2004 19:02


I like Ralph, but wouldn't want him as a president. He would make a nice advisor and should join the Kerry campaign

His Name is Nader 22.Jul.2004 19:16


I realize that many Democrats are not bright enough to spell, but keep in mind that 'nadar' is a Spanish word meaning 'to swim', as in the Democrats have decided 'to swim' in a pool of their own excrement. They are mired in it and are likely to drown in it and can't fathom as to why Nader does not want to join them for a dip.

I think Kerry would make an excellent cell bitch for his 'Skull and Bone' buddy Bush during their incarceration. Kerry should step down since he is woefully unqualified for the job, and threatens to steal votes away from Nader.

Oregon campaign starts petition drive 22.Jul.2004 19:47

Travis Diskin

It's time at last to take this campaign where it always should've been, to the Grass Roots level. We need your help and the help of all the people you can get together for signature gathering to ensure that Ralph is on the ballot.

As a campaign, we need the visibility, we need the volunteer passion, and we need the one-on-one contact to overcome the media blur machine and duopoly dirty tricks that so far is succeeding in limiting ballot access and choice in this state.

Regardless of where you live in this state, I'm urging you to join up for whatever time you can spare and to gather others at this most important time.

Contact me at  Delphmonk@yahoo.com

Nader to the Major Parties: "End the Barnacle Politics" 22.Jul.2004 19:59

Nader campaign

Urges Democrats and Republicans to "Stop Entangling Themselves in the Independent Nader-Camejo Campaign"

Washington, DC: Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader today urged the Democratic and Republican Parties to "stop maliciously trying to entangle our campaign with their own desperate maneuvers." Nader was critical of the Democratic Party for the anti-democratic efforts to keep Nader off the ballot and of the Republican Party for seemingly using the campaign for their own misperceived purposes.

"We want them to get off our back, leave us alone, stop trying to infiltrate our campaign and let us compete in an already rigged two party political system," said Nader.

The Nader-Camejo Campaign is particularly concerned about the actions of the Democratic Party since they are trying to limit the voters choices by keeping Nader-Camejo off the ballot. Throughout the country the Democratic Party has threatened to challenge signatures gathered by the campaign and litigate the campaign's ability to be on the ballot. Among the actions taken by the Democrats:

* Harassment, threats and abuse of Nader-Camejo petitioners.

* Attempting to spoil a ballot access convention in Oregon by sending Democrats in to fill the room and undermine the convention by swelling the numbers and then not signing the petitions.

* Howard Dean who on July 9 in a debate with Ralph Nader when asked about Democratic efforts to keep him off the ballot said: "I refuse to participate in anything like that, because I don't appreciate that. Some of my former staff members are doing that. I told them I wasn't going to have anything to do with them." Yet, when the Nader-Camejo Campaign held ballot access conventions in Oregon Dean, according to reporters, called reporters on both days in order to suppress turnout. We ask Dr. Dean to disavow his own actions!

* Using state employees, contractors and interns who work for the State of Illinois Democratic Speaker of the House to review and challenge signatures on Nader-Camejo ballot access petitions.
Outsourcing Nader petitions to India so signature validity can be checked at wages well below U.S. standards.

* Hiring corporate law firms to harass our ballot efforts on frivolous and technical grounds.

"I told John Kerry that if he does not put a stop to how his underlings have been obstructing our ballot access he may be presented with a mini-Watergate scandal," said Nader. "This goes right to the top of the Democratic Party. Terry McAuliffe has told me that he approved of this type of activity by Democrats in every close state."

The Nader Campaign has also made it clear that it is not seeking the support of the Republican Party in its ballot access signature drive. There has been no communication with the Republican Party nationally or locally or with any Republican Party officials. "Our preference would be for both parties to stay out of our independent presidential campaign," concluded Nader.

Meh 22.Jul.2004 20:19


Perhaps if he was a somewhat important political figure, I would have taken more care to spell his name correctly. And I am not a Democrat. I just hate Bu$h.

I see, Kelso 22.Jul.2004 20:39


You are not opposed to the policies of the Bush administration, or the fact that the Bush crew took control of the Executuve department of the US, both of which Kerry has supported with his actions as well as his inactions. You don't mind that Kerry offers to continue nearly identical policies with respect to the most important issues of our time. You simply hate Bush, so want to replace him.

Some of us are looking for an alternative to our present course, not just a new captian at the helm.
Permission to Come Aboard!
Permission to Come Aboard!

Then vote Cobb 22.Jul.2004 22:06

Red neck

Which might be a better strategy than voting Nader since it will keep the green on the ticket.
Don't let them force you to vote for Kerry. Use your power. A Vote for Kerry is a vote for futility.

GOP 22.Jul.2004 22:56


And how do we know that all you Nader "supporters" arent actually Repugnantlicans?

DLC, "Barney" - 22.Jul.2004 23:30

Nader "supporters"?

that'd be,

the 150 DEMOCRATS who stuffed the convention hall on June 26th in order to exclude REAL Ralph Nader supporters who waited outside wanting to sign the petition,

only to GET UP AND LEAVE when the ballot forms were passed around the hall after the convention had been called to order.

YOU WEREN'T THERE, were you "Barney"? 22.Jul.2004 23:50

"most of those could have been Repugnantlicans"

uh huh . . . RI-III-II-GHT . . . .

(I know what Republicans look like, and the people filling that room that day were DEFINITELY NOT - registered or otherwise - doesn't matter, the DLC got their wish with the help of 150 brownnose drones: in addition to the Nader smear campaign and **battery of lawyers hired to challenge Nader ballot access in every state** . . . you'd think all that effort / money could be spent on simple TV ads endorsing their own presidential candidate??)

Fooled once 23.Jul.2004 00:52


Fool me once shame on-

democrites and republicrites 23.Jul.2004 02:08


Let's see, the democrites believe that it's ok to allow Bush to get on a ballot illegally so long as he and the republicrites looks the other way on some questionable campaign "financing" but it's not ok to allow Nader to get on a ballot legally.

Though some republicrites have been duped into supporting Nader, don't expect the top republicrites to act like they believe it. Nader in the debates? Hey if it truly helped the republicrites and harmed the democrites it would happen. But the republicrites know better than to repeat 1992. I suppose there's a lesson for the democrites in there somewhere, if only they could learn it...

Ridiculous 23.Jul.2004 02:57


There seems to be some animosity toward the Democratic Party.

First of all, let me explain that I voted for Dennis Kucinich in the Oregon Primary Election, and that I am a firm believer that a third party would be a terrific thing. Unfortunately, I am also a realistic, and therefore realize that my feeling that a third party and more liberal government cannot be realized without first having friends in the right places. With the current system of government, without supporters like the advisors John Kerry will install in the executive branch, the members of Congress that the DNC is working hard to elect, and the thousands of campaign managers and grassroots directors like myself working hard to get Democrats elected, people like Ralph Nader would have no chance of -ever- being in elected office.

Not to mention, your non-corporate candidate Nader is just as much of a politician as John Kerry or George W. Bush. He has spent his entire life as a 'consumer advocate', AKA a lobbyist. I trust that he has experience in getting things done, but Ralph Nader is not material for President. As was said on the West Wing, 'Find yourself a live one and we'll get interested'. Ralph Nader has had his time, this election it is important we get a friend in the White House, and more friends in Congress. The next four years can be spent trying to pass legislation that makes it easier for third party candidates to become part of the system.

Grassroots? Hahaha 23.Jul.2004 08:02

Andy The Green

The idea that the signature campaign to get Nader on the ballot is a grassroots effort is laughable.

Greg Kafoury is quoted in the paper today as saying the campaign will use paid signature gatherers and attempt to gather 25,000 signatures. Typical signature campaigns budget $2 per signature, so this could cost as much as $50,000.

Where is the money coming from? Millionaire lawyers Kafoury and friends? Republicans?

In my experience with the 1996 and 2000 Nader campaigns, there was a very hierarchical, insider-driven structure to those efforts. A major opportunity to really empower grassroots activists and build a sustainable Green movement was largely frittered away. For example, after the '96 campaign, the local Green Party could not even get the Kafoury cabal to share its volunteer and donor lists.

I brought up these issues back then, going so far as to quit the campaign in disgust in 2000 because a)I couldn't work with Kafoury (blessings to those who can) and b) The campaign was antithetical to the Green values of grassroots Democracy. It was a poorly kept secret that at the same time Nader was espousing Democratic reforms including campaign finance reform, Kafoury and company were tap dancing around the edges of violating the minimal campaign finance regulations in place.

Democrats + Slavery = double-plus-good 23.Jul.2004 09:10


"Typical signature campaigns budget $2 per signature..."

I"ll be doing it for free, so don't worry about the cost.

"A major opportunity to really empower grassroots activists and build a sustainable Green movement was largely frittered away."

Indeed it was- by the Greens.

"Perhaps if he was a somewhat important political figure, I would have taken more care to spell his name correctly."


"...your non-corporate candidate Nader is just as much of a politician as John Kerry or George W. Bush..."

Looks like the Demothugs need to sychronize their BS.
Why the Long Face Mr. Kerry?
Why the Long Face Mr. Kerry?
Ohhh so weary remembering to keep my stories strait.
Ohhh so weary remembering to keep my stories strait.

what will it take? 23.Jul.2004 09:24

registered voter / non-car owner

The Republicans are laughing their asses off at all this. Their opposition resorts to sabotaging each others' campaigns and badmouthing each other.

I too have come to believe that a symbolic vote is worthless, given that we aren't gonna change the two-party structure at the national level.

Convince me that we are...please... Short of a civil war, which happened around the last time we had major party shifts (Lincoln first Republican president, Whigs falling out of favor, etc..) It's been almost a century and a half with these two parties... corporations gaining more control all the while... Gerrymandering, vote rigging, it's all in the bag. Power is not given up by the powerful.

Like the poster said above, let's do what will be most effective to create a climate conducive to the major change that we want. Voting for a 2% candidate and watching Bush walk all over Kerry (whom I consider to be a virtually identical scumbag, minus the intentional, popular hitler-lite image of Bush) will be unpleasant to say the least. If the goal is to remove Bush, Kerry and all of the other wannabe fascists from power, surely the first step is to remove Bush, since he is the most obvious symbol of corporate aggression in our time.

I'm not trying to apologize for the Democrats, who are beyond absolving at this point, just offering a pragmatic strategy to apply while we build alternatives and wait for the corporate machine to self-destruct (in this part of the world at least).

the unDemocratic Party 23.Jul.2004 09:37


The Democratic Party has proven to be anything but democratic. The two parties have together kept third parties off ballots and out of the debates. They have together voted for two wars against third world countries that were ravaged by years of wars and in Iraq's case, sanctions. They have together supported a drug war that has destroyed crops and lives in Colombia and elsewhere. They have together dramatically increased the military's budget. They have together allowed the FCC to give away control of the airways to multimedia corporations. They have together accepted the official versions of the 9-11 story, only bowing to pressure from the 9-11 families to hold any kind of investigation, which of course has not really investigated the real causes of 9-11. I believe it was under Clinton that Justice Scalia and Thomas were brought onto the Supreme Court. The Democratic Party is distinguishing itself only by nipping around the edges with such hot button issues as abortion and gay rights. And even there, the party's record is not totally progressive. Both Bush and Kerry will carry forward the same agenda, just packaged a little differently to fool the masses. Yes, it's good to have hope, but not if it's placed on a hopeless two party system, backed by corporate dollars and steeped in decades of hypocrisy. First and foremost, our voting system needs to be reformed. And we should feel free to support the candidate of our choice, not the least worst, which only gets worse every four years.

Voting 23.Jul.2004 10:41


This act has tipped the scale for me. I have been unsure whether to vote for Kerry because I loathe Bush so much, but this act by the Democrats is my last straw.

I will not vote for Kerry. I simply cannot in good conscience vote for a party which employs such sleazy tactics. I cannot support such activity by voting for the Democrats.

GOP in disguise? 23.Jul.2004 10:45



And how do we know that all you Kerry-bashing, Nader "supporters" arent actually Repugnant-lican saboteurs?

believe what you want, it makes no difference 23.Jul.2004 11:44


The democrats will continue to destroy their party regardless of whether you believe that people here are republicans or not. They've been doing it for 10 years, and their losing streak speaks for itself (you can give thanks to the republican backed DLC and DNC). The democrats lost millions of voters to Bush in 2000 in one of the worst campaigns ever run in modern history. I don't expect the democrats to learn from their mistakes or they would be acting differently. I do expect them to destroy their vestiges of credibility, just as the republicans are doing by alienating their voters. It's truly amazing, as if both parties are playing from the same play book of trying to get as many people as possible to stay home in disgust. What cannot be denied is the democrats have struck a deal to allow Bush to be on the ballot illegally in Illinois despite spending millions to hundreds of millions of dollars to keep third party candidates off the ballot and in anti-third party candidate advertising. It's almost as if the democrats don't actually believe their candidate to be worthwhile enough to run on his strengths, integrity, beliefs, honesty, etc. I wonder why that could be...

Did anyone ever consider this? 23.Jul.2004 12:33


Nader WILL NOT back down. Period. If gallup polls show that Kerry is behind Bush by a margin taken up by Nader he still WILL NOT back down. This presents a problem for the Democrats: How do we keep Nader from taking away our votes and letting Bush into office? The answer is simple: They need to decide whether it is more important for them to try to win the election or get Bush out of office. Kerry can continue to run or step aside and support Nader. If he continues to run, and Bush wins, then Kerry is just as guilty as Nader of "splitting up the vote". If he steps aside and supports Nader, there is a decent chance that Ralph could win or at least get enough votes to guarantee federal funding next time around. The people are demanding a third party, and the Democrats can either acquiesce or accept the consequences.

I will never vote for a democrat again 23.Jul.2004 12:41

pissed off

I went to the convention and petitioned to get Nader on the ballot.

The Democrats disenfranchised me. Fuck them. None of them will get my vote ever again.

Pissed off 23.Jul.2004 13:10


"I went to the convention and petitioned to get Nader on the ballot.

The Democrats disenfranchised me. Fuck them. None of them will get my vote ever again."

Thats a pretty immature attitude. What happened? Did the Democrats ignore one of your platform requests? I'm mostly environmental Independent and dislike some of the Demo platforms but I am mature enough to try to see the real differences in the 2 parties and go with the best that has a chance to win. Immaturity is lumping all the Dems and GOP together and saying "Theyre all the same". Thats like saying all blacks or whites are the same.

not the same 23.Jul.2004 13:18


But playing the same game:

This is no time for democracy we need to win.

- The Democrat and Republican Parties

Poor Barney 23.Jul.2004 13:26


Struggling to prop up a turd (Kerry in case that wasn't obvious). 'clamydia' is right. If Kerry had any integrity, he would bow out. Kerry is currently on track to siphon votes away from Nader, and hand Bush a victory.

Kerry would be far better off joining the Bush ticket as a replacement for Kerry.

Argh 23.Jul.2004 13:32


Should have been "Kerry would be far better off joining the Bush ticket as a replacement for Cheney."

Navigators SUCK 23.Jul.2004 13:38


Yeah like we're going to believe someone who names himself after a fucking giant gashog luxury SUV! A big part of maturity is also being realistic. You got a long way to go SUV boy.

I will never vote for Nader again 23.Jul.2004 13:47


In the year 2000, I voted for Nader because I felt that he was a man dedicated to his principles. But now I'm convinced that he is an egotist who is putting himself above his own principles. Yes, he and his bitter supporters are out to teach the Democrats a lesson. If Nader can't be president, then Nader and his supporters will do everything possible to get Bush elected.

who's helping Bush win? 23.Jul.2004 14:15


Let's see, who is:

1. Allowing Bush to gain ballot access illegally
2. Ignoring the electoral fraud in 2000, 2002, and 2004.
3. Campaigning on how the Iraq war is justified.
4. Supporting Bush's policies in general.
5. Misdirecting resources to attack 3rd party candidates instead of attacking Bush, or highlighting their candidates strengths and platform.
6. Shifting blame on their consistent election failures instead of addressing the very real problems that currently exist.

Yes, there are some people who are anxious to keep Bush in office. You can look them up at the offices of the DLC and DNC.

Barney 23.Jul.2004 14:49

George Bender

"And how do we know that all you Kerry-bashing, Nader "supporters" arent actually Repugnant-lican saboteurs?"

Well I knew several of the people in the audience at the convention, and they are progressive activists from way back, people I've worked with on various issues for years. If you want to maintain the fantasy that any large number of them were Republicans -- I'm sure a few made it -- then I see no way to persuade you otherwise. You're believing what you want to believe instead of dealing with the reality. I suggest you take a look at the polls, where Nader is getting 3-5 percent. Just type Nader in Google and do a NEWS search.

You made some comment about us being immature because we are pissed at Democrat tactics. I wonder if you read the info above about what happened at the convention and understood it, or did you just skim past that to make your comments? Democrats packing the convention and not signing the petition was far worse than Republicans showing up to sign it, on an ethics scale. I suspect that it was also illegal, although no one in authority seems willing to do anything about it.

I'm at the point now, considering all the Democrat dirty tricks all over the country, that I'm even willing to accept help from the Republicans to get him on the ballot. It should not be this hard just to get a candidate on the ballot that I, and 5 percent of Oregonians, want to vote for. That should be just basic democracy.

The reasons why some of us are unwilling to vote for Kerry had been stated so often that it may not be worth repeating them. There are two big issues: the war in Iraq and the economic decline of the working class over the last 30 years. I'm voting for Nader to send a message that what the Democrats are offering us is way too little. If you think it's more important to get rid of Bush I understand, but I won't join you.

As for the Oregon Greens, I think they screwed themselves by not running any candidates in 2002. It is not Nader's responsibility to build up their party, they have to do that for themselves. Nader was the main draw at two huge meetings in Portland that should have given the Greens a big boost. What happened after that, the conflict between the Greens and the Nader people, I don't know about. I do know I've been to a few Green meetings and was very unimpressed. They seemed incoherent and directionless. Their politics are too fuzzy. Running an unknown for president with a "safe states" strategy does not strike me as a great way to build their party. It's like saying, "Just ignore me." Maybe some day they'll get it together, but as of now I don't see it. I recently changed my voter registration from Green to independent.

Oh, about paying Nader petition circulators: well it's going to be hard to get volunteers to stand out on the street and get screamed at by nasty, stupid Democrats who don't believe in democracy. However, the campaign, I've heard, has some volunteers lined up. Brave souls.

Thank God some Democrats could make a difference.... 23.Jul.2004 15:31

Nader Foe

Good Going Democrats,
You have screwed up on so many things lately, this time you did great.
How does it feel Nader? Your treacherous ways have come back on you. Karma Kicks doesn't it?
Personally I cant support any of the parties, because there is not much difference between any of them now.
But I am glad Nader got his just reward.

just reward? 23.Jul.2004 15:56

ex-democrat voter

Yes, I suppose that will teach Nader to allow himself to be scapegoated for the numerous and outrageous failures of the democratic party. I have no doubt he will not make that mistake twice. And as I said, the democrats have only helped in destroying themselves and strengthening Nader's platform. You'd think that most democrats would be smart enough to realize that their party leadership is sinking their party and cast it aside. I guess when a strategy fails repeatedly and consistently for many years the best thing to do is keep at it... or so the democratic leadership would have you believe.

democrats making a difference 23.Jul.2004 15:57


Nothing better than making a difference in opposition to democracy, just ask the Bush administration.

Vote Fascist!
Kerry/Bush 20004

Because democracy is for communists.

Re: Barney 23.Jul.2004 16:17


A navigator is also a maritime expression for someone who charts a path, among other things. I am not surprised that a one dimensionally thinking bobblehead like yourself would be able to associate the word with something other than what your television has pounded into your thick bobbling head.

What makes you think I am a boy, chum(p)?

Party members 23.Jul.2004 16:24


Voting for unauthorized parties will not be tolerated.
Voting for unauthorized parties will not be tolerated.

correction 23.Jul.2004 17:23


I of course meant to write:

Shifting blame for their consistent election failures instead of addressing the very real problems that currently exist.

Republicans are voting for Kerry 23.Jul.2004 19:48


"I'm calling everyone I know and telling them that they have to give," said Stephen Robert of Robert Capital Management Group, Inc., a self-identified moderate Republican who was one of about twenty potential fundraisers at a private dinner with Kerry in New York in February. "Every day, moderate Republicans call me and say, 'I want to get on board.'" *

Kerry's assurance to high rollers at a $25,000-a-plate breakfast fundraiser at the posh "21" Club in Manhattan to "fear not," because "I am not a redistribution Democrat... who wants to go back and make the mistakes of the Democratic Party of 20, 25 years ago," ** stands as the signature messages of his campaign to America's rich. I'm one of you, he is telling them. I will continue to cut social spending and transfer wealth from poor to rich. The profits that you have amassed at the expense of workers over the past two decades will be safe in my administration.


* Ianthe Jeanne Dugan and Jeanne Cummings, "Kerry Gets a Lifeline from Wall Street," Wall Street Journal, February 17, 2004.

** Jodi Wilgoren, "Kerry Plans Effort to Show He Is a Centrist," New York Times, April 16, 2004.

Kerry/Edwards = fucking giant gashog luxury Democrat ticket 24.Jul.2004 00:28

limousine liberal


Outside Magazine 24.Jul.2004 09:15

August 2000

If California tips Green enough, Bush could win the state and the whole damn election. Which, Nader confided to Outside in June, wouldn't be so bad. When asked if someone put a gun to his head and told him to vote for either Gore or Bush, which he would choose, Nader answered without hesitation: "Bush." Not that he actually thinks the man he calls "Bush Inc." deserves to be elected: "He'll do whatever industry wants done." The rumpled crusader clearly prefers to sink his righteous teeth into Al Gore, ... [and] concludes with the sotto voce realpolitik of a ward heeler: "If you want the parties to diverge from one another, have Bush win."

let BushCo "win" . . . 24.Jul.2004 11:16

they're not going

to achieve victory by 'fair and balanced' means. with the help of Brother Jeb, Homeland Security Terror Alerts, Osama Bin Laden's sarcophagus, and various other subterfuge up their sleeve, it's not possible to "win" the White House (current occupant never having been elected) without a stacked deck.

then the sheeple may start to wake up.

vote your conscience, but not under the illusion that yours is actually COUNTED.

Donít hide your light under a bushel 24.Jul.2004 13:23

Red neck

Why would a progressive vote for a man whose whole platform is-I'll be a George W you can be proud of? Don't waste your vote. You have a chance to send a loud, clear message to the establishment. We're not going to take it anymore. That sould be Nader's campaign slogan.
Vote other!

I'm voting for Cobb 26.Jul.2004 15:25

Brian Setzler

The Democratic Party is bankrupt. It is just another corporate party like the Republicans. Both more interested in power and sucking up to their paymasters than working to benefit the people and our legitimate aspirations.

I'll be voting for Greens up and down the ticket including Cobb for President. I believe Ralph should be on the ballot and hope he makes it here in Oregon but I hope progressive readers opting not to vote for the Corporate WarPig Kerry will opt for strengthening the Green Party by voting Cobb rather than voting Nader.