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The Return of Dick cheney--Monday the 26th at 4PM at the Airport Embassy Suites

Cheney is coming and the PPRC and Sierra Club are throwing a party.
See my website www.hippielawyer.com for details.

Cheney is coming and we are throwing a party to greet him.
Hope to see you there.

Alan Graf

homepage: homepage: http://www.hippielawyer.com

Free Speech Zone? 22.Jul.2004 14:25

No-Doz Bukowski

Will we be observing Free Speech Zones, Mr. Graf, or will this be more of an actual protest? Civil disobedience, I mean, as opposed to civil obedience.

5000. - N.

don't forget to read about what happened last time 22.Jul.2004 14:27



Hmmm, maybe that link needs to change...

Great Job, Alan, PPRC & Sierra Club! See You There! 22.Jul.2004 15:37

Lawrence Maushard


To EVERYONE who is averse to airport-area demos and protests, that's fine. We all know and understand your positions. Absolutely. Just stay home and do what you need to.

For everyone who realizes that it takes bodies and passion and presence to show real public opposition to the war criminal administration,


Don't be discouraged by inconvenient locations or so-called Free Speech Zones!

Don't let sad-sack posts discourage your attendence Monday.

See you on the barracades! Party on, indeed!

And I pray the IndyMedia powers-that-be decide to give the Monday demonstration a feature center-column posting, for lordy's sake.

Evasive much? 22.Jul.2004 15:47

No-Doz Bukowski

Shall I take that as a yes?

Belive me, I'll be out there at the airport with a drum and a sign, ready to lay down my body in front of the motorcade; but I'm not going to stand around in their pigpen and protest at a safe distance from anybody who would ever care.

It's that kind of complicity that drove me away from the protest movement after the war was declared. What kind of point are you making by agreeing not to do anything that will actually disrupt Cheney's visit? That some people don't like him? I'd say that's a given. But also, that you're afraid to step out of line with his rules in order to bring that message to him. You see?

If I'm wrong, and Graf/PPRC/whoever is going to make this a real incident of civil disobedience that will make an impression on the public consciousness, then great. I'll be there.

5000. - N.

remember: it's Tricky Dick 22.Jul.2004 16:04

theresa mitchell

....if Dick's people say the event is at 4PM or whatever, then it's likely they'll follow their usual M.O. and stage the event earlier, just to smirk at the protesters as they fly off. Is'nt it more likely to be at noon? Or the day before? Just sayin'--

hey no doz 22.Jul.2004 16:19


why are you waiting for other people to make your decisions for you? that doesn't sound very activist. do what you need to do.

i've noticed that for a lot of activists, solidarity only means other people seeing it your way and not you seeing it theirs (especially when they are doing all of the work). it's easy to criticize, hard to mobilize.

see you monday.

Tree, forest, sound? 22.Jul.2004 16:48

No-Doz Bukowski

I'll tell you why.

Because if just me, by myself, tries to leave the Free Speech Zone; then they can just grab me and stuff me in the back of a police car, and nobody will ever know it happened. Whereas if a large number of people show up, all of them ignoring the Free Speech Zone, then they won't be able to do that. Which means the protest would be noticed. The police would be forced to either let us protest peacefully in a place and manner of our own choosing, or else resort to violent tactics to disperse us. Either way, the protest would matter. People would hear about it, both the politicians we're protesting about and the general population watching their TVs.

Call me a lazy dilletante if it makes you feel good, but the fact remains that nobody will give a damn about your protest if you all just stand there in the Free Speech Zone singing "We Shall Overcome". Very few people will even know you were there.

5000. - N.

Check the NOTAM for flight time 22.Jul.2004 16:50


Someone last time around posted a link to the "Notice to Airmen" (NOTAM) that will be published before Cheney's plane is scheduled to arive and depart the airport. The NOTAM will restrict the airspace around the airport during the visit. There is NO WAY they can fudge the time of the visit very much due to the planning needed to get the NOTAM posted to small planes.

I'll find the link for checking PDX NOTAM here as soon as I can find it.

Pay ALL ZONE MAX Fare or else... 22.Jul.2004 17:05


Also, I recall from the last protest out there, that the max was greated by many a police/trimet officer who will check your fare as you leave the train to walk to the protest. Our train had 8 officers to great the 4 of us who got off at that stop. It's a ALL ZONE ticket to get to the airport from downtown. Make sure to have proof of fare on your person or you'll get more attention than you wanted.

Peaceful and Legal Protest 22.Jul.2004 17:33

Alan Graf

We plan our event to be a peaceful and legal protest, Officer Dubowski.

re: notices to airmen, specifically TFRs 22.Jul.2004 17:52


It's called a TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction). Anyhoo, I found the link to search for NOTAM TFRs:  http://tfr.faa.gov/tfr/jsp/list.jsp There are drop-down lists for the state, and what you are looking for. Nothing for Portland yet, but the list only goes up to July 22nd. Prolly a good idea to keep monitoring the site every day until D-day.

good night dick 22.Jul.2004 17:56



re: alan graff 22.Jul.2004 18:04


Calling someone a cop because you don't agree with them is pretty snide. Of course, I should expect as much from a lawyer.

If there's enough 22.Jul.2004 18:17

of us out there yy

they will have a hard time keeping us inside the fence. So instead of creating negative energy around this - come and be flexible -- remember that people around the globe are watching us - the Iraqi woman lamenting the destruction of the US military said she knew people in US didn't agree with their gov't -- SHE KNEW THIS ONLY BECAUSE SHE SAW PICS OF PROTESTORS MARCHING & CARRYING SIGNS! We also need to attend these things to show the gov't that is targeting dissent that we won't stop exercising our 1st Amendment Rights.

"just me" 23.Jul.2004 12:05

flowered dress & respirator

A year ago, when Bu$h visited, it was "just me" purposely violating the "free speech zone" and being put in a police car. But it was in the papers and on TV, so people did know it happened.

Don't be afraid. Make your own decisions. If you don't like the "free speech" cage, there is a way out of it. Which involves strict nonviolence and a trip to jail, but as Thoreau told us so long ago, there are times when that's the only place to be. And, after a night in jail downtown, my charges (trespass) were dismissed.

from the website 23.Jul.2004 12:25


On July 26, 2004, this coming Monday, from 4:30 PM onward, VP Dick Cheney will be in town for a fundraiser and party. You and I are not invited. However, I plan to go to help throw a Peoples' Party as near as we get to Cheney's party located at the Embassy Suites Hotel at 7900 NE 82nd St. I hope you will join me.

You can reach the hotel via Max by going to the Mt. Hood Station and walk about ten minutes to the Hotel. As more information becomes available regarding the exact location of this event, I will post it on this website.

Bring your best art work, musical instruments, posters, flags and your creative and First Amendment self. This event is peaceful.

Still no answer to my question 23.Jul.2004 15:52

No-Doz Bukowski

"We plan our event to be a peaceful and legal protest, Officer Dubowski."

No, I'm not officer anything. I'm a concerned citizen, a strident opponentand a lifetime activist. I was involved in the entire round of pre-war protests, but I became disgusted with the upper-middle-class leadership of the movement rolling over for the enemy and accepting free speech zones. I'm not talking about doing anything violent, or anything illegal beyond peaceful civil disobedience.

An issue you still appear to be unwilling to even discuss, preferring instead to imply that I'm some kind of agent provocateur. I was at the 8/22 Bush protest too, and I didn't move out of the way when they told me to. None of us did. Were you there? When they announced that they were declaring the protest an unlawful demonstration so that rich old men would have an easier time making their way through the crowd, did you go home? Not me.

That's the very nature of civil disobedience - they say "you must leave this intersection", but you don't. It's not something that should be illegal, expressing one's beliefs in public, so you do it even though the cops tell you not to. "Hell no we won't go" is more than just a catchy rhyme - it's a statement of intent. We're here to say that we don't like Dick Cheney coming to our town with his hand out, and we're going to say that when and where we choose.

Do I really need to explain that to you? Then the message gets out, as it did during the months leading up to this war. There were stories on TV and CNN and in every major paper, every day, about the rising tide of anti-war and anti-Bush activism. How many reports like that have you seen since everybody started using the Free Speech Zones? Those zones are the most transparent, absurd and offensive marginalizing tactic I've ever seen; and yet you've fallen for it. Amazing.

So anyway, I'll be skipping this pointless bit of social masturbation. I might as well just write up a sign and stand here in front of my computer.

5000. - N.

re: "just me" 23.Jul.2004 16:50

young and restless

Flowered Dress - I was standing about 5 feet away when you went over the fence. I was so moved that you went ahead and did with no one else willing to follow. I told everyone I know about it. Thanks for standing up and for setting such a strong example.

Not In The Pen 23.Jul.2004 18:20

Den Mark, Vancouver

As i posted last time cheney came to pdx, i was NOT in the pen. I was alone on Airport Way, across from the hotel, with zillions of drivers & passengers seeing my two flags & one sign. Except for a charter bus, or two, nobody from the hotel saw me, but they were not the intended audience anyway. I was at my post for three hours, freezing my ass off, & no cops bothered me. A few actually joked with me. Three pro-bush "youths" showed up, but i acted as if they did not exist, & they went away. So, no matter what line "they" set up, we can be outside that line, signaling to the public our disdain for the worms who run this country.

(My apologies to actual worms.)

This protest 23.Jul.2004 18:51

isn't owned

by Alan Graf or PPRC or anyone else. It belongs to the people of Portland, showing their disgust at Cheney's inhumane policies. Whatever you choose to do -- remember Howard Zinn - measure the so-called evil of civil disobediance to the evil of the social ill you're trying to change -- the latter is ten times greater no matter how much the mainstream press tries to paint the former one as the most reprehensible. See you there!!

what about calling in sick that day? 23.Jul.2004 19:20

sick of Bush and Cheney, that is

I plan to. I will be out at the ariport, too- liked the idea of standing away from the free speech zone- I hate being penned up (waiting, like a cow to be slaughtered).
I agree that some real civil disobedience would be great. Why is Portland afraid of this?
And as far as the intersection sit-in, that time. Gee, wouldn't it be good to block the highways as people are coming INTO the city to work, instead of blocking it after everyone's already left for home? Just a thought. Maximum disruption of biz as usual, would be the idea.

Something else to consider 23.Jul.2004 20:48

P. Greene

Cheney is here to raise lots of money (from disgusting entities) for the express purpose of defeating Darlene Hooley, David Wu (and Peter Defazio, eventually)

After demonstrating against the fascists, how about offering your services to these three, even for just a day, to help them in their campaigns. Maybe you can do some door-to-door, or make some phone calls, or stuff envelopes. You would also have the opportunity to tell them about your progressive politics; I think this sort of networking would be relatively powerful, especially if you were not from their districts.

I realize that many of you have bones to pick with one or more of these folks, BUT: they are NOT Bushites. Darlene seems to really listen to her constituents (if they are organized and loud), and I don't think you could wish for anything more from Defazio (except for some balls vis a vis Palestinian human rights). Wu is relatively conservative, but he's still not a damn fascist.

Think about it. Even if we unseat the resident weevils from the White House, we will still face an even larger struggle in the House and Senate. The fascists control it now, and they obviously aim to do even "better" for themselves and their corporate owners. While it can be satisfying to force the media, the non-active citizens, to take notice (perhaps to awaken), it is a fleeting victory, cotton candy for the body politic. We can do better than that. We can also work for the long haul.

Den Mark 24.Jul.2004 11:12


...has a good idea.

Who do you want to convey your message to - the donors, whose minds are made up, or the hundreds, maybe thousands, of people traveling on Airport Way? (Who may be voters from swing states traveling to the airport to catch a flight...)

Cheney & MAX 25.Jul.2004 12:54

The Gump

Why not get on MAX with your bike and bike over there in solidarity?

Book a Room at the Embassy Suites? 25.Jul.2004 17:09


What would happen if you booked a room or two in the Embassy Suites and invited some friends in for a party? Would they refuse to rent a room to you? Are they refusing to rent rooms to anybody else while Mr. Dick is there? Would they refuse to let anyone else dine in the hotel restaurant?

You'd certainly get closer than the "First Amendment" pen.

If the hotel is locked down for Cheney's visit, either the Embassy Suites is going to lose a hell of a lot of money, or taxpayers are probably paying some huge amount to "buy off" the hotel in order to close it to the public.

I also found it disgusting that Lynn and Dick Cheney's visits were separated by a couple of days. That means - friends and neighbors - that we got to pay for two flights, two sets of security corps, and two lock-downs. Just so that two spoiled, exclusionary rich pricks (well, one prickette) could hold their private parties.

ESP 26.Jul.2004 10:32


I don't think Alan Graf was being snide. I think he was trying to point out that this is not a good place to get specific about intentions for anything "illegal." Anyone reading imc could be an officer. Perhaps he was too subtle, but it's always good to be aware that there probably are officers in the audience.