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Tre's detention review coming up!

Upcoming detention review and current update...
the next scheduled detention review hearing for tre arrow will take
in one week, on wed. july 28. originally tre was considering moving that
day up with the positive ruling he received on his admissibility to
last week. instead, tre is content to wait it out and appear before the
immigration board adjudicator when he is next scheduled to do so.
(immigration detainees must have a detention review hearing every 30

with tre being ruled admissible to canada his chances of being released
bail are greatly increased. tre would also like to have friends and
supporters aware of the likelihood of his probable immediate re-arrest
a u.s. extradiction warrant when he is released on bail. having failed
getting tre deported, the u.s. government's next step is to seek to have
him extradicted to face charges in oregon. however, once that warrant is
served tre will still have an opportunity to be released on bail while
fighting that next challenge.

in addition, tre will be making an application for refugee status to
in canada, and that process will take place before the extradiction
hearings occur.

tre would like everyone to continue praying and putting positive energy
and thought toward his hearing next wed. for a positive outcome on his
detention review.

funds are also desperately needed at this time for ongoing legal fees as
well as an anticipated bail amount we will need to get tre released. as
usual, checks and international money orders made payable to "tre arrow
legal defense fund" can be sent to:

p.o. box 229
roberts creek, bc
v0n 2w0 canada

deepest thanks and gratitude to all of you!