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Help Bark: Cloak Blitz II Saturday July 24th

Saturday, July 24th at 9:15 am to 6:30 pm.
On Saturday July 18th, 16 Barkers in 5 Teams field-checked 17 units of the Cloak Timber Sale! We wrote 13 comment letters. Join us on Saturday, July 24th as we finish what we started. We'll once again be going out in teams of 2-4 to field-check units of Cloak.
This sale has 56 units and we need your help ground-truthing them all. Comments are due August 4th. Already ground-truthing expeditions have discovered hidden old growth groves in the units, steep slopes, streams running through units, and healthy second growth with a vibrant understory mixed among younger plantation thinning projects. Comment on the Cloak timber sale at  http://www.citizenspeak.org/campaign/4055.php RSVP to  SarahW@bark-out.org. Let us know if you can drive. We'll be carpooling again from the Red & Black at 9:15 am (SE Division & 22nd). Remember to bring food, water, rain gear, and be prepared to hike off-trail.

homepage: homepage: http://www.bark-out.org
phone: phone: 503-331-0374

When are the comments due? 22.Jul.2004 10:55

forest lover


Comments Due August 4th 23.Jul.2004 10:03

bark volunteer

Cloak comments are Due August 4th. The Preliminary EA and maps are on the Bark website. www.bark-out.org Talking points will be posted to the Bark website soon, though the sample letter on the electronic alert pretty well sums it up.