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Too Close for Comfort

family ties
Skull & Bones incest revival 2004

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Endorsed 22.Jul.2004 06:41



400 years ago 22.Jul.2004 08:56


Well, if this genealogy is true, Bush and Kerry share a common ancestor 400 years ago. That's a little more than six degrees of separation that are said to join all of us. It would be interesting to do the same for any of us. Obviously, many thousands of people would share these two remote ancestors. I'm not especially troubled by this remote (I mean really, really remote) connection.

I'm more concerned about the Skull and Bones connection. That would be a more fruitful area of research.

Get off your ass 22.Jul.2004 09:26


why don't you contribute and do that research yourself then?

Not your relative 22.Jul.2004 16:30

not from an aristocratic family

I know my geneology, in part, back some 400 years, and it's doubtful that I'm related to anyone here. I think what this shows is the interconnectedness of the monied families. This is an American aristocracy.

It's interesting. Thanks for posting.

Exactly, "not" 23.Jul.2004 00:07

I'm not either

Most of us aren't. This is illuminti geneology.