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Book Club? Other Clubs?

I am looking for clubs to join.
I'm not new to the area, but I am intrested in joining a book club. I wasn't a reader in high school (am 20 now) but have become more and more of a reader as time has progressed since, and would much enjoy a weekly/bi-monthly/monthly book club to join. I, however, have had much trouble locating a list, or directory of clubs to join. I may be intrested in more clubs, who knows, but I am mostly just looking for a list.

Thanks for your help
Hey 22.Jul.2004 06:39


I'd be intrested in one too. Do people still even have them though?

Here's a few ideas... 22.Jul.2004 07:16


I'm not clear on what a book club is... A couple things come to mind though, and since we're on this forum, these seem to be appropriate to mention, even if they aren't quite what you were thinking of when you posted this!

I know of a reading/discussion group that is forming, read about it in the Firebrand, picked it up at the Back to Back Cafe on 616 E. Burnside next door to the IWW Hall... Apparently, "Members of the Firebrand Collective have been rading Unfinished Buissness: The Politics of Class War and would like to talk to discuss the book with others. If you are interested email us at  pdxfirebrand@ziplip.com and we will coordinate a time to meet. We can also help out in obtaining copies of the book, but your best bet is Laughing Horse Books on SE 36th & SE Division, (503) 236-2893. From the Book "We argue here for th recreation of an independent revolutionary movement within the working class, under the control of no one by themselves, inspired by the best traditions of unity and solidarity... We don't pretend to have all the naswers; indeed this book rases questions you will have to find aswers for. But it does represent a part of the wider debte that is happening within the working class, about how to change society for the better."

Also Laughing Horse hosts a lot of meetings and maybe there are discussion groups happening there that you might be interested in... or maybe you could start up one of your own... I think it's the last Saturday of the month that the Black Panther discussion group happens at Laughing Horse.

Also, check out the Alliance newspaper, it's online too, comes out once a month and has lots of groups listed at the back who are doing stuff around town.

There is also a community resources listing on the left hand column of this website that may have groups listed you'd be interested in plugging into...

Any interest in getting involved with sending books to prisoners? lots to read there, although it might not be what you're looking for. Feel free to come down on worknights, Monday and Wednesdays 5-8 pm, details on the portland imc calendar of events.

In My Mind 22.Jul.2004 07:32


A book club is when everyone reads the same book and meet once a month to talk about the book, likes, dislikes, ect...

Racism 29.May.2006 22:17

Mark Rosenkranz

I wrote a book on racism entitled, "White Male Privilege." It is a study of racism 40 years after the voting rights act. The Uk Amazon has a synopsis of the book. I hope this book can be useful.