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Why Do american's Vote?

Are choice is limited to two guys with big bucks

Why do American's vote? Is there really a difference between the democrats and the republicans? Truthfully its two rich guy raising money and slinging mud at each other. When you get down to the basics what other job in this country exist where the two potential candidates smear each other?

The answer is none, imagine interviewing some one and he walked in with his resume and a dossier of the other potential employees dirty laundry? Most employers would toss them out on their caboose. Why do we Americans allow our politicians to run for office in such fashion? What ever happened to the days of shaking hands and kissing babies?

I asked my 65 year old mother who she is voting for and she told me Bush. I asked why and she said she does not like the way Kerry looks. I tried to explain to my mother that in the real world that would be considered discrimination. She smiled and said that voting for the president is not the real world.

My nephew just turning eighteen in time to vote, I asked him who he will vote for. He does not know and I attempted to explain that who goes into office next will have an impact on the beginning career in four years when he graduates from college. He shrugged his shoulders and said oh well!

The portly man in the deli said it doesn't matter who you vote for as long as you vote. I wanted to toss my yodels at him for mimicking MTV and the stupid theory of just get out and vote. Where is the education behind the choice? Just putting some one in office is not the answer. Where is the public responsibility to demand more from these fools?

Unfortunately our choice is limited to the two men who raise the most money. Has anyone pointed out the fact that the war chest these candidates have are perverse and the amount of money collected could feed a small nation.

Let's take a moment and see where some of the money for the war chest has come from. Ken Lay and his wife, Linda, donated $882,580 to federal candidates from 1989-2001, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. All but $86,470 went to Republicans.

The Center for Public Integrity, a Washington-based nonprofit group, said the Lays had given $139,500 to George W. Bush's political campaigns over the years.

Those donations were part of $602,000 that Enron employees gave to Bush's various campaigns, making Enron the leading political patron for Bush at the time of the company's bankruptcy in 2001.

In addition to Lay's political campaign donations, he and his wife contributed $100,000 to Bush's 2001 inauguration. Lay also was a fund-raiser for Bush, bringing in at least $100,000 for the president's 2002 campaign. That put Lay in "Pioneer" status as one of the president's top money-raisers.

Has anybody from the bush camp or republican party ever considered given this money back. It would be an act of good conscious. When a drug dealer buys a car for his mother or a house for his sister with illegal monies. The government ceases the property that was gained through illegal activities.

Would it not be true that the funds Ken Lay donated were possibly stolen from Enron? Would'nt that mean the the party has a responsibility to return those monies to those who lost it in Enron? I guess Kerry if he wants to win the election he will have to catch up and get more dough from his wife.

Candidates do not talk about their accolades or finance savvy. They don't tell us how their performance as a businessman can get us out of this hole in life and bring greater fortune. George Bush tells us he will make the world a safer place. Kerry tells us he will make the rest of the world like us again.
How does one choose a president? Perhaps my mother is right, maybe the better looking one cause its easier to swallow crap when the one doing it is more enjoyable to look at. Bill Clinton certainly had the hook on that.

Frank M. Ahearn

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