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More Common Dreams BS Against Nader

Sad to see they are this terrified that they must go on an all out war against a candidate who is simply trying to create a better world, rather than just trying to get their own idiotic candidate to actually stop saying shit like how he supports pre-emptive war and endless occupation.
In this first article, Steven Hill, an original promoter of IRV, trashes Nader while he gets in his points about IRV, which Nader is now spreading like crazy everywhere he goes (no thanks from Hill, naturally). Instead, we get lies from Hill, saying that "the majority of Greens don't want to be spoilers," a plug for get-on-our-knees-for-the-Ds-David-Cobb. But he opts not to mention that Cobb only won by a hair, with 53%, meaning Hill *himself* is perpetuating his own 'winner-take-all' report of the win, when it's convenient.

Now that it's time to trash Nader, anything will do to get in with the Kerry Ds.

Published on Wednesday, July 21, 2004 by CommonDreams.org
How to Handle Nader
by Steven Hill and Rob Richie

"While Ralph Nader may be ready to risk a repeat of 2000--and could do much more to make multi-party democracy a viable option by highlighting reforms such as IRV--most Greens don't want to be spoilers. They consistently support reforming winner-take-all elections, and their presidential frontrunner David Cobb promises to focus this fall on safe states, in recognition of Greens' interest in defeating George Bush."

And here's another gem below . . .

The problem with the argument that the Rethugs aren't supporting Nader for his progressive positions is wrong on two counts.

1) Of course they aren't, although a certain number of them *do* support Nader's concern about the extreme right wing. The fact is, the Rethugs can support whomever them want, whenever they want, for whatever they want . . . that's the broken f**ked up system that the Ds and Rs are perfectly happy to operate under as long as it suits their Duopoly purposes and keeps third parties out of sight.

2) Papers like this and 99% of the rest in the country ALSO don't give the Greens the f**king TIME OF DAY, much less encourage ANYONE to vote for them when their precious Democraps are threatened with a loss, so to sit there and condemn the Rethugs for not supporting the f**king GREENS is laughable. Rethugs are like wild animals - they act to further thier own conquests. BFD. The Dems are no different. Wake up idiot editors in the SPI, and stop trying to distort reality to sooth and placate your 'liberal' readers.

Published on Wednesday, July 21, 2004 by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Republican Ralph

Ralph Nader has never been this popular with Republicans. His campaign promotes universal health care, living wages, an end to poverty and fairer taxes, issues that hardly seem likely to warm a Grand Old Heart.

But this week in Michigan, Nader agreed to accept thousands of signatures collected by Republicans to qualify his spot on the presidential ballot.

Perhaps these Republicans have seen the light and are ready for a progressive era in the United States. Then it could snow tomorrow, too.

Republicans in Michigan and elsewhere favor a Nader ballot line for one simple reason: It makes it easier for George W. Bush to win.

Republicans for Nader are proving another point: Our election system needs tweaking because it's not as democratic as it could be. We need choices.

t's on that score that the Green Party is doing this election right. The Greens will be on Washington's ballot for congressional and statewide offices. They offer voters another choice.

Yet you won't see a Green campaign for president here. The party is concentrating its resources on promoting candidates at the local and state level. David Cobb, the Green candidate for president, focuses on states that won't tip this election to Republicans. He said the party's goal is to give voters a choice -- as well as "the removal of the White House's illegitimate occupant."

Somehow, we don't think Republicans will work as hard to give Greens the same sort of ballot access as they do Nader.