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New Charges Against eco-activist Billy Cottrell

The Free Billy Support Network has announced that new charges have been laid against American eco-activist, Billy Cottrell. All the new charges relate to the alleged use of "a destructive device during a violent crime(924c)".
As ELP supporters are aware, Billy is accused of being the ring-leader of a
series of ELF arsons. In a blatant attempt to try and get him to implicate
others alleged to of also been involved, the authorities have threatened him
with "life in prison without the possibility of parole if convicted on all
charges" if he doesn't start cooperating. Billy has always refused to
cooperate with the authorities and they wish to make him suffer as a result.

Please help keep Billy strong by writing urgent letters of support to him

William Cottrell
Metropolitan Detention Center
PO Box 1500
Los Angeles, CA 90053

Support Billy 22.Jul.2004 16:51


Please read the line LIFE IN PRISON WITHOUT THE
POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE and think about what that means. Feel the horror and
shock of those words whelm up inside you. And what is Billy accused of? Is
he a serial killer or mass murderer? NO! Has he been accused of killing or
injuring anyone? NO! Is he accused of being an international terrorist?
NO! Is he a drugs baron ruining the life of millions of innocent people?
NO! Is he a serial rapist? NO! Has he waged war on a foreign country on
the pretence & lie it may have weapons of mass destruction? NO! So what
crime is so hideous he should be threatened with LIFE in prison WITHOUT the
possibilty of parole? He is accused of burning a few vehicles. Okay,
expensive vehicles, but vehicles none the less. Billy maintains his
innocence but even if he were guilty, is LIFE in prison WITHOUT the
possibilty of parole really justified? PLEASE support Billy. He needs our
support. Even if you don't support the ELF you must surely recognise the
political nature this trial is taking on and recognise the sheer injustice
which is unfolding. Support Billy and encourage others to do so.

Billy welcomes letters of support and always tries to reply to everyone who
writes to him - NOTE some of his outgoing mail is being stopped by the
authorities. If you've written to Billy and not received a reply please let
ELP know.
Billy Cottrell
Billy Cottrell

That's sick 23.Jul.2004 15:12


Only a truly diseased society could value a car more than a human life.

Billy 23.Oct.2004 22:46

Billy's Mom heidiho@aol.com

Billy is innocent of arson, conspircy to commit arson, aiding and abeting in arson. That is a fact. Billy is a brillant young man who cares about the world you will wake up in tomorrow. Believe in Billy. He is fighting for the truth, he is fighing for the future, and he is fighing for his life. If you care about tomorrow, do what you can today to save him. His trial is set for November 9th at 9:00AM. Be there at 8:00AM and I will give you a "FREE BILLY" T shirt. We Need your support.

Thanks for your support
Heidi Schwiebert, Billy's mom