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Total Liberation 2004 Tour Stops in Olympia

The Total Liberation Tour, a tour of hardocore bands and speakers, is coming to Olympia July 24th and 25th.
Speakers include members of SHAC 7, Crimethinc., Network for Asian Liberation, Coalition Against Civilization, Wild Roots, and much more.
Anarchists, Revolutionaries, Animal Rights Activists, Earth Liberationists, Rabble Rousers, Guerrillas, Archibald Tuttles, Hardcore Kids, Anti-capitalists and everyone who believes this world is being murdered and somthing needs to be done, everyone who opposes the Bush Administration, Everyone who STILL says no to war: This is for you. July 24th and 25th will be two days of speakers, workshops and sweet sweet music.

Heres the schedual:
July 24th
Afropunk-A documentary on punk rock and the black community
Andy Stepanian-SHAC 7 speaker
Coalition Against Civilization-Prepare yourselves for when technology fails
Purified In Blood-All the way from Norway-NorVegan SXE
Seven Generations-Orange County is just the beginning
Gather-How to create Full Spectrum Disorder
Greyskull-Tacoma is just the beginning too
Crimethinc.-The shadow of the past still holds the future hostage
July 25th
Josh Harper-ARMED media group
Network for Asian Liberation-Allies and Comrades
Wild Roots-Presentation on how to live outside the hands of Capitalism and Civilization
Purification-Longest running vegan straight edge band, from Rome, Italy
Cherem-Salt Lake City Vegans
Tears of Gaia-Anarchist Rabble Rousers
Order of the Wurm-Revolutionary Vegan Youth

Where: At the Hall Of The Woods 3712 Sapp Rd. SW Olympia, Washington.
When: July 24th and 25th at 5pm Sharp!
How much: $10 suggested donation, no one turned away for lack of funds
How to get there: Out of town take 101, get off at Black Lake Exit, From Olympia take Division, Head south on Black Lake BLVD, Left turn on Black Lake Belmore, Take left on Sapp Road, Hall of woods located on your left about a mile down.
Parking: Very Very limited so please car pool. You can park across the street from the fire department.
Please be mindful of the neighbors and each other, we want everyone to enjoy these days.

homepage: homepage: http://www.total-liberation.com

we're open to everybody! 21.Jul.2004 22:19

except -- er -- not THOSE people!

Is this really for "everyone who opposes the Bush administration," or is this the usual "anarchists, Sierra Clubbers and political agnostics welcome; commies, socialists etc. stay the fuck home" kind of barely-hidden sectarianism?

Looks to be... 23.Jul.2004 00:38


Some of that looks promising, but I was dismayed to see this Total Liberation tour is also a straight edge/vegan hardcore tour. Sorry, hearing lots of tirades against drugs & drink sounds quite tedious. Will it be a diverse sampling of radical music or will it be something with the air of a religious revival?

And why hasn't the portland visit been mentioned anywhere other than word of mouth???
(if that is accurate anyway)

The Grump