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Call from NYC: On A29, Reclaim the Park


A call for autonomous gatherings, feeder marches and creative events starting from all across Central Park on the morning of August 29, 2004
When we converge in the hundreds of thousands this August 29th against the Republicans and the system they stand for, we will have a choice:

We can leave our rights at the door and allow ourselves to be herded into "free speech zones" tucked away on a highway all day, as some have already agreed to do. Or we can commit ourselves to begin by exercising our rights to the fullest, recreating our democracy, and reclaiming the public space that is Central Park.

To all those who believe in "the right of the people peaceably to assemble"...
(Source: First Amendment)

To all those who think New Yorkers should be telling Republicans where they can go instead of the other way around...

To all those who aren't ready to line up where the authorities are telling them to line up, or to let the decisions of the few determine the actions of the many...

To all those who remember February 15, 2003 here in New York, and the more than one hundred feeder marches which spread like wildfire around the city...

To all those who want to return our city's commons to the people, to whom it has always rightfully belonged...

Come to Central Park on the morning of August 29th, gather in affinity groups at a location of your choosing (see a preliminary menu below), and do your thing from there - a feeder march to the "official" protest, arts in action, a people's park picnic, whatever.

We are aware of the importance of the days of action being planned for August 30 and 31, and of all of us being able to stay in the streets for as long as possible. So we encourage people to play it as safe as possible for the morning, and to keep in mind that any gathering of over 20 people may be grounds for early roundups.

Those that wish to march downtown might converge into larger groups or blocs upon leaving Central Park. Young people. People of color. Women. Workers. LGBT. People of faith or no faith. Anti-capitalists and anti-authoritarians. Ordinary people who see us and want to join up. If we can do this, we will have won.

Another A29 is possible. We declare that all of our city will be a free speech zone that day.

Some great spaces in and around the Park (86th Street and below), with the closest entrances:

The Great Lawn
81st or 86th Street, Central Park West
79th or 85th Street, 5th Avenue

Cedar Hill
79th Street & 5th Avenue

The Ramble Area
79th or 72nd Street & Central Park West

Strawberry Fields
72nd Street & Central Park West

The Central Park Mall
72nd Street & 5th Avenue

Sheep Meadow
67th Street & Central Park West

Grand Army Plaza
59th Street & 5th Avenue

Columbus Circle
59th Street & Central Park South