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Mindfreedom day of Action on Psych

Mindfreedom is the coolest.
MindFreedom Oregon News 20 July 2004
 http://www.MindFreedom.org - please forward

MindFreedom Oregon Urgent Event
Organized by New State-Wide Director


MindFreedom Oregon, a state-wide chapter of
MindFreedom International, now has a new director
right in the heart of our state, Salem, Oregon, USA.

Welcome, Dave Romprey, who has been a powerful,
passionate, never-give-up psychiatric survivor
activist for many years in Oregon, and nationally.

BELOW is an important alert from Dave Romprey,
encouraging urgent ACTION for human rights in
mental health! Everyone is invited!

Please circulate this news, and please try your best
to get to Salem this Thurs., July 22, 2004!

For more information contact MindFreedom Oregon
via  Davidromprey@aol.com.


From: Dave Romprey - MindFreedom Oregon -  Davidromprey@aol.com
Subject: "Capitol Offense Day" for Public Mental Health System Transformation

Thursday, July 22 is Capitol Offense Day

MindFreedom Oregon

For those who are wanting to take charge and roll
on to victories in helping Oregon fix its mental health system.

Meet on Capitol Steps in Salem, Oregon Thursday,
July 22, 2004, at 10:00 a.m. for every-hour strategy updates.

For those needing a lunch, there will be a field trip to
David Romprey's cottage, only a few blocks from capitol.

Informal talks and plans can and will occur outside and
inside the Capitol, using public areas.

This is not an organized protest, and no signs are needed.

Capitol Offense Day is a last-minute huddle that will be played out that day.

Don't let the Governor's Mental Health Task Force be
unaware of your input! They need to hear from Oregon mental
health consumers and advocates, not only provider reps and family members.

The Task Force will be taking testimony - see below.
Note that they have allotted only 50 minutes.

Still at stake:

** Why doesn't the preliminary report (attached)
recommend peer supports as a viable, growing best practice?

** Shouldn't the report call for an increase in consumer
participation in design, delivery, and evaluation of Oregon mental health services?

** Who will visit the State Hospital's Ward 50-I on behalf
of the Task Force, since the Governor has declined?

** Read the report for yourself. What is satisfactory, missing?
How will the changes be accomplished? Only with more money?

Governor's Mental Health Task Force Public Meeting and Testimony

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Room 350, Oregon State Capitol

1:10 PM to 2:00 PM "Public Commentary"

BUT FIRST, if you are an Oregon mental health user
and/or advocate, check in with the Capitol Offense team
for esprit-de-corps!

Come anytime you like during the morning or afternoon,
but the earlier we get together, the better our voice to the Task Force.

Bring a written copy of your comments for the record,
if you wish, but you may speak openly with our without notes or handout!

For more info on Capitol Offense Day contact
MindFreedom Oregon director David Romprey at
 davidromprey@aol.com, or 503-569-9481.


For information about MindFreedom International,
which unites 100 grassroots groups including
MindFreedom Oregon, see  http://www.MindFreedom.org