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Summer Hikes to Save Medicine Lake from Calpine

Calpine corporation intends to geothermally drill sacred Medicine Lake in the Modoc lands of NE CA. Calpine emerged from ENRON's millions in start-up funding, no doubt a part of the California energy crisis that was engineered by Enron and Halliburton. Calpine claims "green energy", this is a myth and we Cascadians intend to expose Calpine's deceitful wrongdoing..
dates for Medicine Lake hikes;

July 31 and August 1
Campout on Saturday night, then hike at Medicine Lake.

August 21 and 22
Campout Saturday night, then hike at Medicine Lake.
e-mail  southsiskiyou@riseup.net or call 541 951- 0126

September 11th
Hike with KS Wild contact
Lesley@kswild or call 541 488-5789.

Come campout and hike in the amazing volcanic caldera
at Medicine Lake and see the wild public forest that
Calpine corporation plans to destroy for energy

The Medicine Lake Highlands comprises the largest
shield volcano on the continent and is home to
old-growth forests, spotted owls, martens and many
other rare species that roam the lava tubes, obsidian
flows, large craters and waterways of the caldera.
This area, used for healing and ceremony, is sacred to
the Pit River, Modoc, Shasta, Karuk and Wintu tribes.
Though the area is all public land, Calpine would
like to capitalize on the natural healing energy of
this timeless volcanic ecosystem. Leases associated
with this project cover 8 square miles. This sacred,
wild area would be turned into miles of clearcuts
(for transmission lines), toxic slump ponds, new
roads, pipelines, and cooling towers. Native American
Spiritual freedom, recreation, and the wild natural
beauty of the area, along with California's largest
spring system are all threatened by the Bush
administration Energy Policy and Calpine's lust for

For more information call 541 951-0126 or email  southsiskiyou@riseup.net

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