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Portland Radical Acting Troupe!!!

Do you ever watch movies and you're like, "I could totally do that!"? Do you love Trigger Happy Television, CKY videos, Jackass, or other documented social pranks? Did you ever want to do something like that, only with a real message and not just mindless shock-humor? Then let's get together and do it!
Ok, Portland Radical Acting Troupe is just a working title, I mean, we gotta call it something. I want to get people together to come up with and implement ideas for: event concepts, scripts, costume design, set design, etc. I'm sick of the same old boring "go to a protest, stand off with the piggies for awhile, get peppersprayed/maybe arrested, cry, go home". It's like, when the normies see a protest, they're instantly turned off. They're like, "oh, there's those protesters, banging their drums about some damn thing or another this time..." I'm tired of being crammed into the same meme box, and I'm not gonna take it anymore. It's time to stage events that happen when and where they are least expected, that don't even look like a "protest", but that get people's attention and make them actually THINK. That's where I am coming from, and hopefully there are some of yall out there that are coming from the same neighborhood. If so, then send me an email at  actingtroupe1@yahoo.com and I'll put us all on a mail list and once we have enough people throwing around ideas we can figure out a place to get together and then we'll have a for real organisation with a name and cool stuff to do and everything!! Peace out!
AMPed 22.Jul.2004 14:02


this has the potential to be an example of human activity at its most creative and most effective!
let us get down with this - Monstermotion -