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subliminally racist radio

oldie but goodie
there has been some talk about music culture here recently.one thing ive noticed lately when i listen to so called 'oldies' radio programming on a local or national level ,is that the ONLY otis redding song they EVER play is (betch cant guess) 'dock of the bay'. that song was allegedly otis' attempt to connect with the 'love generation' inspired probably by his reception at the monterey pop festival. maybe something akin to a ''crossover'' move.what if he hadnt made that song? would there be NO otis song on the radio.is that song a convenient way to avoid playing his decidedly more funk and groove songs?.maybe too ''black' sounding.listen to his song ''groovin time'' its very gritty and has some racy lyrics.but heck , he did a great version of the stones ''satisfaction but radio doesent even play that. again, listen to oldies radio and i challenge you to find them playing ANY other otis song. would they have ignored him altogether if he hadnt recorded that?. anyway , back to exposing the fascists state
also sexist 21.Jul.2004 09:37

fuck corporate radio

i had the misfortune of being stuck in a vehicle recently in which the driver was playing an "oldies" station; this one had a "classic rock" format. what struck me was the dearth of female artists or bands in this format. i've noticed it before, in other cities, but it really stood out to me that day. hearing heart's "magic man" every once in a while doesn't make up for the overload of testosterone in that format typically.

i believe that the lack of female voices has a definite effect on people who listen to the format frequently. i believe it contributes to the disempowerment of female listeners and to the missogynistic conceits of the males.

this is to say nothing at all of the actual content of the lyrics, of course, which further degrades.

fuck corporate radio

not true 21.Jul.2004 10:48

music lover

Robert Cray, Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, Earth, Stevie Wonder

Suzanne Vegas, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, Christie Hinds, Sarah Mclachan, Loreena McKennitt

Just to name a few

I don't like corporate radio either, but they play these folks all the time

If you want to hear more, get a CD player

start your own station 21.Jul.2004 11:17


it's not that hard or expensive to do, and you can play any music you want.

Not that I recall 21.Jul.2004 11:23


Otis Redding wrote and released "Respect" and it got a fair amount of airplay at the time, before it was swamped by Aretha Franklin's cover. "Been Lovin' You Too Long" was also a big hit. "Dock of the Bay" and his performance at Monterey Pop connected with a lot of people besides the "love generation" and likely would have made Otis a bigger crossover star, had it not been released posthumously.

yep 21.Jul.2004 14:33

pretty much how it is

These days any given corporate radio station "targets" a specific demographic, like "young white men." That's a popular one. And not "smart young white men," either. They go after the dumb ones. The dumb ones have just as much money, and they're easier to sell shit to.

I knew there was something wrong when they started playing the Offspring all the time. You know, the first explicitly misogynistic "alternative rock" band? That was the end of the "modern rock" format as far as I was concerned. Not that they were playing great stuff most of the time before that :-\

As somebody else pointed out above, the '70s and '80s rock stations whose archives and playlists the "classic rock" format now mines for its material may have actually been playing more women artists than now get airplay through the "classic rock" format. I remember Pat Benatar was extremely popular in the early '80s, on a par with Van Halen, but her four-part rock-opera vocals don't get airplay now like Eddie's guitar still does.

The stations that are trying to sell crap to "dumb middle-aged white women" instead of "dumb middle-aged white men" don't call themselves "classic rock" stations; they have some other term for themselves.

Sexism in the Music world? Today? 21.Jul.2004 15:20


For MORE segregation entertainment, watch on TV how many bands include female instrumatalists. The music scene producers and band leaders must believe that having a vagina makes one tone-deaf, and unable to use hands and mouth for anything but BJs and HJs. Although women ARE allowed to writhe over the mike and croon, "OOO la Baby, OOO la la la." Even most of the female singers have male back up instument players.

Radio Brainwash 21.Jul.2004 16:02


I used to work in a big factory, where the only radio station that everyone could agree on was KISN, "the Fun Oldies Station".
It played the same 15 or 20 songs everyday, in roughly the same order, so that every day in that hellhole seemed the same Ala 'Groundhogs Day'.
And, at about 2:30 or so they'd play 'Unchained Melody' and all the middle-aged assembly women would coo like hens and sway to the beat.
I eventually quit.

Any time a new commercial station starts up, they play a somewhat diverse set of programming and pretty quickly settle into a routine of safe "classic" tracks and seldom deviate from that.
Our local "The River" (105 something) is a good example. They played songs from the 70's and 80's in an adult contemporary format. It was kind of interesting to hear what they'd play. Sometimes they'd play something pretty obscure, or sometimes it was an overlooked gem from a well known artist or group.
After a couple of months they started figuring out what the demographic was and started playing a completely predictable set of overplayed "classics".
the Willamette Week did a funny story about a local radio station, and the predictability of their format:  http://www.wweek.com/story.php?story=5228

KISN Should Have Retired Its Name 21.Jul.2004 18:54


I think it's sad, what KISN has turned into. Remember when it used to be a force to reckon with in Portland? Remember the electronic Christmas tree with lights that flashed to the music? Remember the Playmate Pink Cadillac promotion? Remember the sign you'd see driving out of the Portland Airport: "Welcome Home . . . We've Been KISN Your Wife!"

It wasn't an "oldies" station then, although it played older songs along with the current hits.

KISN has moved into a rest home.

Too true 21.Jul.2004 19:37


It IS a rest home.
It reminds me of how in Cuckoo's Nest the big nurse won't let McMurphy watch the game because if some of the patients don't get to listen to the same record that they've been listening to for the last decade or so, they get upset.
I think the kind of demographic that that station has now would go completely apeshit if they played something a little obscure or fringey.
Some people are like Foster Farm chickens in their little, tiny cages and can't listen to anything that deviates from their routine in any way.

Duuhhhh 21.Jul.2004 19:51


What in the world would you expect from corporate media owned music radio that plays to the mass (consumers) that is, as it's very existence depends on advertising revenue!!! I mean why even bother being critical if you're listening, because, that's the way that story goes....WHICH IS WHY...

It's so very important to not only support $ your community radio stations (like KBOO) for instance, but to also volunteer. Who the heck knows, in time you may get to play your Otis Redding favorites, like, 'Lil Ol Me, trick or treat, and more...

The best thing you can do is not listen to corporate radio, with their statistically based playlists culled from the most (in your words) racially, economically, consumer, gender and age based "numbers."

Don't like the media - Be the Media.

Otis = only the good die young 22.Jul.2004 10:15


Otis was only 26 when he died in a plane crash just a few months after the Monterey Pop fest, he would have become a big star if he had lived.
Think Marvin Gaye, but much crunchier.

Good oldy music is not going to be played on any station now a-days except non-commercial = KBOO, NPR, KPSU, .
Commercial Oldie stations are the worst of the corpy-media, commercials up the wazoo, they cater to the pasty fingered robotic worker/couch potato, who could care less that Otis sang songs like; Pain in my Heart, Shake, Can't turn You loose. They are more interested in the latest sale at "Mattress World" or so they have been told.

Boring oldster memory: KISN used to have their studiio at what is now located Ozone Records UK, accross 10th st from Powells; There was a huge plate glass window on the Burnside side of the building at street level where anyone could see the dj at work. Pretty cool destination for bored grade school kids.

o 22.Jul.2004 17:52


wilson picketts hits were virtually all very black sounding so i guess they couldnt find a way to avoid him.