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Secret Haliburton Contract Disclosed

Although improperly stamped "SECRET" on February 28th of last year the "Justification and Approval" for a non-competitive contract award to Haliburton's KBR division was recently declassified. Although there is no cap on the dollar value of the contract, a worst case scenario is approximated at 15.7 billion dollars.


The "Contingency and Support Plan" or CSP for repair and continuity of operations of the Iraqi oil infrastructure is a multibillion dollar plum for the egineering division of Kellog Brown and Root. It's value is unclear: but certainly no less than 2.2 billion dollars. Perhaps this is why KBR's engineering division enjoyed a 5.5 billion dollar increase in profits last year vs 2002: an item that The Economist was not fully able to explain perhaps because they went to press before this declassified document became available.

The badly photocopied document is made available here as kbr.pdf thanks to some help from outragedmoderates.org. One would think that somewhere in the hundreds of billions of dollars available to the defense department they'd find a few hundred dollars for slight better document processing. But of course, this document was only made available to us because they were forced to release it on April 22nd of this year. I'll transcribe sections of it as time allows. Related "whistleblower" testimonies have been uploaded to the same directory for future use.

David Roknich, Editor


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Bush's Criminal Cabal headed by 21.Jul.2004 06:06

Dick Cheney

Who was that guy, the Iraqi auditor appointed to review Haliburton's accounting on Iraq's contracts, wasn't he just assassinated....what a coincidence.
And what was the topic Patrick Leahy mentions on the floor of the House to Cheney when Dick sang to him?

This public document once again available.. :) 22.Jun.2005 23:56

David Roknich

I had some problems with my internet presence ...
especially after marching with the wobblies on May 1.
As a result, my fine collection of Government Documents has not been available. But once again, the cats are out of the bag, the skeletons out of the closet, and the by the Full Moon of the Summer Solstice, you can read them all from an open directory if you will!
OK, the original links above are slightly changed for the moment.
The 10 page pdf of the "Justification and Approval for other than Full and Open Competition on the Contigency and Support Plan" is at the the subdomain, rather than the sub-directory where it used to be:


an open directory of related documents for you to peruse:


and the related stories are now here:


eventually everything will be back in place - with updates


"repairing the missing link" for above 23.Jun.2005 06:26


the link listed as

note the date of this now *properly* declassified document is February 28,2003,
three weeks before the invasion of iraq and although illegally stamped secret,
is was not declassified until April 22, 2004