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TIME'S UP! Opens a Bike Convergence Center

New York City - TIME'S UP! Opens a Bike Convergence Center to Support the Bike National Convention and the Bike Bloc at the Republican National Convention protests!
TIME'S UP! Opens a Bike Convergence Center to Support the Bike National Convention and the Bike Bloc at the RNC!

The TIME'S UP! Bike Convergence Space, located at 49 East Houston Street in Downtown Manhattan, is having a Grand Opening Party on Saturday July 31st at 7pm. The space will serve as a resource for cyclists planning to protest the upcoming Republican National Convention (RNC). The new space, which includes a basement, backyard and a shared first floor will host bicycle maintenance, film screenings and educational events. Volunteers have enlisted the assistance of a number of highly skilled mechanics and have begun collecting donations of bicycles and parts for a lending library. Bikes will be lent out on a first come first serve basis in exchange for a small deposit or work trade.

The TIME'S UP! Bike National Convention (BNC), beginning on August 20th, will be a week of workshops, skill-shares and fun events related to bikes and protest. We hope to celebrate NYC's unique cycling culture and rebellious spirit. Highlights will include NYC's legendary Critical Mass (which is expected to top 2000 participants!), an informational tour of local War Profiteering Corporations, a Womyn's Only Bike Maintenance Workshop series and two Dumpster Diving Rides to show out of town visitors the best spots to catch a free meal.

A Bike Bloc is a large group of individuals and cycling affinity groups similar to a Critical Mass ride. Bike Blocs at street protests have the advantage of being able to break up and reform. The spontaneity of a Bike Bloc means that participants are able to easily move through the streets without the needing leaders or a decided route. Another advantage of a Bike Bloc is that arrests are rare and a generally festive atmosphere. In the past, Bike Blocs have provided a tremendous amount of solidarity and logistical support to demonstrators who are on foot.

For more then 10 years, TIME'S UP has been involved in the struggle to protect the environment. Using both direct action and education, these struggles have included everything from the fight to preserve NYC's community gardens and squatted homes to mass mobilizations against corporate globalization all over the world.

We are encouraging anyone who wants to make their voice heard during the RNC to come to New York as early as possible and to bring a bike. TIME'S UP! and many other groups have been working hard to ensure that the city will be abuzz with radical events, performances, workshops and gatherings of all kinds between now and the convention. We are an open group and invite the input and support of anyone interested in making this summer a success.

See you in the streets!


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