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Ethical porn, F*** for Forests,. Charity for the rain forests!!!!!!!!!!

Norwegian environmentalists and activists use their lovemaking to save the environment
The Norwegians are a bit more out there than us. And that's really a good thing.

If you are like me, single and sometimes bored, who gets a bit distracted by images and footage of what you'd rather be doing and can't help but wonder about the exploitation that goes on in some of the material you might find on the internet fantasizing over, you need look no further here at site:


to find at least one healthy and hopefully monogomous couple shamelessly celebrating life, for a good cause.

It sure beats worring about encouraging some undisclosed unscrupulous pimp and his or her harem of exploited men and women on some other sites.

This Norse couple have recently done a controversial live sex at a show,


My only qualm is that it wasn't planned and may have been done in front of minors (people under 18), --- but than again, children in Norway have parents and public schools that educate them better than in the United States does with its children, so I suppose it wouldn't be nearly as disruptive to them there as is here. You'd think they'd be a bit more disinclined to the dangers of promiscuity.

At least Tommy Holm Ellingsen and Leona Johansson get to enjoy their work for a just cause rather than sitting alone celibate in a tree house for 2 years with nothing more than tree branches rub against themselves

or for that matter being a fugitive in British Columbia Canada for 2 years, only to be arrested for shoplifting, and threatened with deportation.,

or moreover for that matter doing time for 22 years as some fellow inmate's lover boy.

At least what they are doing is constructive rather than destructive. It sure beats terrorism. No one's property is destroyed nor is anyone's livelihood jeopardized by their work.

If only men and women environmentalists were at least half that uninhibited about their love for one another. Maybe the CEO's of Weyerhauser would have probably had a Northern spotted Owl petting zoos in their frontyards, open to the public, a long time ago?

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/spiroknavenine/tabor.html
phone: phone: 541-908-5899

Too many 20.Jul.2004 23:38


Fuck for Forests? The message of having sex implying reproduction kind of contradicts the main reason the tropical rainforests are disappearing. Too many fucking people. But as weird as it is, it does attract attention to this very serious problem.

spiroknavenine 20.Jul.2004 23:49


No, not too many people ---- too many people without a spiritual education.

It's a nice thought but 21.Jul.2004 08:17


Thousands of people around the world made peace signs and antiwar messages with their bodies and nothing came of it but momentary photo-ops. It's nice to think shock tactics like this can have a substantial impact on the politcal process, but everyone remembers that Lady Godiva rode naked through town on a horse and no one remembers why (she was protesting her husband's harsh taxation of the people).

Put your clothes on, go down to your local government offices and do something real.

So sex isn't real to you? 21.Jul.2004 15:04

So sex isn't real to you?

So sex isn't real to you?

gay activists 21.Jul.2004 15:14

flamer for forests

"If only men and women environmentalists were at least half that uninhibited about their love for one another. Maybe the CEO's of Weyerhauser would have probably had a Northern spotted Owl petting zoos in their frontyards, open to the public, a long time ago? "

You think so? So what are you saying? There has to be sex to feel love?
Are you saying there's too many homosexual environmentalists?

You really seem loaded with excessive hetero pride, bordering on homophobia.

Whatever floats your boat. 21.Jul.2004 20:48


What I'm saying is If 2 people can openly prove they do something together they both enjoy, that doesn't harm themselves nor others, only makes society's life better, and never have any remorse over it, is love.

A lot of men and women agree that rubbing genitals in this special way helps that.

This is not a gay issue.

Whatever floats your boat.

Spiro 21.Jul.2004 22:45


"No, not too many people ---- too many people without a spiritual education."

Spirituality aside for the moment, yes the teeming masses in the tropics ARE the main reason the forests are disappearing, yes even 10 times more than logging. They need firewood and land for farms. Spirituality is good but it cant substitute for cold harsh reality.

"minors" = "people under 18"? 21.Jul.2004 23:15

yeah, yeah, it's the law ... the law is stupid

Seventeen-year-olds are not children, and they don't need to see mom&dad humping before it occurs to them that sex might be fun.

Just in case you forgot what being a teenager was actually like.

From the Same Website 22.Jul.2004 07:50

reading deeper into it


Norway urged to boost oil production
John Doyle Ong, the US' ambassador to Norway, wants both Norway and Russia to boost their production of oil and gas. He reportedly supports more offshore oil exploration and speedier development of the new Snow White gas field.

The US would like to see more oil exploration off the Norwegian coast, like here at Lofoten.

Prices for both oil and gasoline at the pump have skyrocketed in the past two years, especially since the United States invaded Iraq. Now the man representing US President George W Bush in Norway wants the Norwegians to do their part in boosting supplies of the precious commodity.

He notes that neither Norway nor Russia are members of OPEC, and are thus not bound by OPEC production guidelines. "We like competition," he told newspaper Dagens Næringsliv on Monday.

Ong thinks Norway should be doing more to increase its own production levels. He said Norway should "solve its problem" of limited exploration in its own territory and solve conflicts with Russia over the so-called "grey zone" in Arctic territory.

Oil company efforts to launch drilling in the waters off Lofoten were recently halted, largely over environmental concerns.

US officials have long urged Norway to increase its exploration and production of North Sea oil. Ong notes that his own country faces an oil deficit, nor is it producing enough natural gas. The Americans are thus keen on friendly countries, such as Norway, providing new supplies.

Ong noted, however that "we are not in a position to put pressure on anyone," adding that his job simply is "to report."


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Hummers 22.Jul.2004 11:23


Yeah BushCo and Detroit friends want cheaper oil for more gashog sales.

Spiroknavenine 22.Jul.2004 12:11


Thadeus link

"No, not too many people ---- too many people without a spiritual education."

Spirituality aside for the moment, yes the teeming masses in the tropics ARE the main reason the forests are disappearing, yes even 10 times more than logging. They need firewood and land for farms. Spirituality is good but it cant substitute for cold harsh reality."

If the people of countries where rainforests are lost were more spiritually educated then maybe someone could help them produce tree farms, orchards, and crops that weren't as monoculture and didn't involve as much grazing as they are, and then the rain forests would still exist, just more suitable for plenty of sustainable human habitation and plenty of good clean commited sexual intercourse in monogomous relationships.

global warming 22.Jul.2004 12:19


The irony of that increased oil production demand from Norway is that global warming , caused by increased CO2, would tweak Atlantic currents so that Scandanavia would become cooler and more uninhabitable than it already is.

I would think the Norwegians are very aware of this.

it's www.fuckforforest.com (singular) not plural 22.Jul.2004 23:23

it's www.fuckforforest.com (singular) not plural

it's www.fuckforforest.com (singular) not plural

pardon me

break the chains 26.Aug.2004 17:13

radical earth liberation activist with a sexy side

"doing time for 22 years as some fellow inmate's lover boy"

I take it you are referring to my friend, Jeff "Free" Luers. Well I am not at all homophobic, but I take issue with your flippant remark about his incarceration. Jeff has spent alot of time in solitary confinement. And when he does get to interact with fellow human beings, I hope he gets treated with the love he deserves, regardless of any sexual implications.

plus, a spotted owl petting zoo is a horrendous idea in anyone's front yard or anywhere else. defending the last vestiges of the ancient forest ecosystem has nothing to do with making animals available to humans for their gratification.

and as an environmentalist who has sat in tree-sits alone, and not alone, i can assure the author that sex and sensuality are alive and well in the earth defender community. the examples of solitude you invoke are extreme (incarceration, julia butterfly) and besides, julia had visitors in luna. i'll bet she could claim membership in the 200 feet high club.

spiro knave nine 23.Sep.2004 17:05

spiro knave nine

Spotted owls are actually very kind and trusting animals who show affection for humans on their own.

UPDATE on the Norwegian www.fuckforforest.com porn 30.Sep.2004 11:03

Karl Vincent Langstramm

Maybe they are saving Jeff "Free" Luers' virgin ass for big burly surly disgruntled logger doing life for killing his wife or something?

Sure that's a cruel and insensitive comment for someone who got 2 years more than John Walker Lindh --- who really did intend to muder his fellow citizens and human beings --- (not just a bunch of vehicles), but I had to retort.
UPDATE on the Norwegian www.fuckforforest.com porn --- it turns out the couple is a bit promiscuous and a bit kinkier than I had hoped, yet their intentions and ethics are still a lot more consensual than a lot of others:

Tropical rainforest are the world´s richest and most productive ecosystems, containing half of all living speies on the planet.

Rainforests are very dense, warm, wet forests. They are havens for millions of plants and animals. Rainforests are extremely important in the ecology of the Earth. The plants of the rainforest generate much of the Earth´s oxygen. These plants are also very important to people in other ways; many are used in new drugs that fight disease and illness.

8,000 years ago the Earth was covered by approximatly 14.8 billion acres of forest.
The world´s forest area has now shrunk to 8.6 billion acres as a consequence of human exploitation. There are 3.5 billion acres of tropical forest left now.
Experts estimate that the last remaining rainforest could be consumed in less than 40 years.

We are losing 33,8 million acres of tropical forest per year.
500,000 trees are cut down every hour.
An area the size of a football field is being destroyed every second!

Why do tropical forest disappear?

Tropical forests yield some of the most beautiful and valuable woods in the world, such as teak, mahogany, rosewood, balsa, sandalwood, and countless lesser-known species. These woods surround us at home.

Most rainforests are cleared by chainsaws, bulldozers and fires for their timber value and are then followed by farming and ranching operations.

The felling of one "selected " tree, tears down with it climbers, vines, epiphyters and lians. A large hole is left in the canopy and complete regeneration takes hundreds of years. Removing a felled tree from the forest causes even further destruction.

Most of the rainforest timber on the international market is exported to rich countries. There, it is sold for hundreds of the times of the price that is paid to the indigenous peoples whose forest has been plundered. The timber is used in the construction of doors, window frames, crates, coffins, furniture, plywood sheets, chopsticks, household utensils and other items.

We lose 20 000 to 100 000 species a year.
4 species per hour due tropical deforestation

Nobody knows what effect the disappearenc of the rainforest will have on our planet but there is general scientific agreement that it will impact everything from climate to the air we breath, it is a virtal part of our global balance.

Ecudor´s tropical forest contain over 15,000 plant species, there are 13,000 plant species in all of Europe

Fruits (a gift from nature): At least 3000 fruits are found in the rainforest, of these only 200 are now in use in the Western World. The indians of the rainforest use over 2000 - Avocados, coconuts, figs, oranges, lemons, grapefruits, bananas, guavas, pinapples, mangos and tomatos, vegetables including corn, potatoes, rice, winter squash and yams, spices like black pepper, cayenne, chocolate, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, suger cane, tumeric, coffee and vanilla.

Medicine plants: Tropical forests have given us chemicals to treat or cure inflammation, rheumattism, diabetes, muscle tension, surgical complications, malaria, heart conditions, skin diseases, arthritis, glaucoma, and hundreds of other maladies. Forests offer stimulants, tranquilizers and contraceptives.

The U.S National Cancer Institute has identified 3000 plants that are useable against cancer cells. 70% of these plants are found in the rainforest. 25% of the active ingredients in today´s cancer- fighting drugs come from organisms found only in the rainforest.
Perhaps someday soon, a cure for AIDS... (or maybe that plant is already gone forever)

Animals:Huge numbers of animals live in the rainforest, including microscopic animals, invertebrates (like insects and worms), fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals, the different rainforests of the world support different populations of animals.

30% of all bird species and 90% of all invertebrates are found in the tropical forest.

43 species of ant were found on one tree in Peru, the same number as in the entire British isles.

Indians: There were an estimated ten million Indians living in the Amazons five centuries ago. Today there are less than 200,000.

In Brazil alone, European colonists have destroyed more than 90 indigenous tribes since the 1900s. With them have gone centuries of accumulated knowledge on the medicinal value of rainforest species. As their homelands continue to be destroyed by deforestation, rainforest peoples are also disappearing.

When a medicine man or shaman dies without passing his arts on to the next generation, the tribe and the world loses thousands of years of irreplaceable knowledge about medicinal plants.

"The money we collect on fuckforforest.com stays untouched until we find a good place to give the donation. Don't worry. We will find a way! We are a little frustrated with some environmental organization. They just don't want to give us a strait answer. We thought we could donate to the rainforest foundation in the beginning of June. We were looking forwards to that. But things changed. It seems it is not that easy to give away "dirty money". But we have just started, so we will use time as a helper. Maybe a fuckforforest foundation in near future? Please feel free to give comments on where to donate money. Also check out  http://www.therainforestsite.com "