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Liberty Hall, your local DIY community center/performance venue is putting a call out for volunteers, ideas, funds and other resources to help the space survive. Liberty Hall is hosting and open meeting on Thursday, July 22nd, 6pm at Liberty Hall 311 N. Ivy to disuss the future of the space. If you value Liberty hall as part of your community, then come bring your energy, ideas, and support on Thursday!
Liberty Hall is a non-profit, socially active, collectively run space that has provided the community with a place to gather, learn, and share for the past three years. Not only has the Hall provided a venue for, benefits, freeschool classes, art shows, community gardening, and travelling performances aplenty, but it also serves as the most affordable and accessible rental hall for a diverse range of communities in Portland. There are currently about 10 collective members keeping the Hall afloat, and resources and energy are stretched thin. We need community support to help the hall continue to reach its potential as a vibrant, diverse community center Liberty Hall is hosting an open meeting on Thursday, July 22nd to discuss the future of the space. Without the ongoing support of the communities it serves, Liberty Hall cannot survive, and may have to shut its doors. Some of the things the hall needs to be sustainable include funds, volunteers to staff events and work on projects, renters(we have 3 avalailable office spaces), art and office supplies, a new PA, and most of all new energy and ideas for whatever you want the space to be! If you value Liberty Hall as a part of your community, then come bring your energy, ideas and support on Thursday! Those who are interested, but can't make it on Thursday can always get involved or book events, or check out upcoming events by calling 503-249-8888, or by visiting our website:

Come to the meeting on thursday July 22nd! Support common spaces!

homepage: homepage: http://www.liberty-hall.org
phone: phone: 503.249.8888
address: address: 311 N Ivy PDX

pics of hall 20.Jul.2004 16:25


here are some photos of the hall:

the hall is great 20.Jul.2004 19:22

save the hall

it's a really beautiful space, Deserves to be kept for the community to use.
i will ponder the question, but have to work, can't come to the meeting Thursday.

how much? 20.Jul.2004 19:25

no one said

What does it take to keep the place going? What's the monthly expenses?
Just wondering- that should help focus people on how much income needs to be raised. A little, a lot?

What it takes to keep the hall going 20.Jul.2004 21:15


It takes a lot. Rent is $1600/mo. and utilities are a few hundred bucks more. Our landlord has been extremely supportive of this project and has been allowing us to pay as much as we can each month (which is usually $1000-$1400.) But he has made it clear that we need to find a way to start making full rent consistently if we are to keep the Hall open in a long-term fashion. The other thing it takes to keep Liberty Hall going is active members and volunteers. Anyone who volunteers 10 hours a month and attends three meetings is eligible to be voted in as a member, which allows them to get a key to the Hall and sponsor events. But short of becoming a member, people can volunteer to take on specific projects (like Pete, who took a day to make us an amazing new sign. Thanks, Pete!).

At this meeting we want to hear your ideas of how to make this project sustainable, both in terms of covering expenses and in spreading out the work involved in operating Liberty Hall to where no one gets burned out. But we don't just want to keep the doors open. We want to see this place grow into its amazing potential. This is YOUR community center. Come share your vision for it and get involved. If you can't make the meeting, send us an email or give us a call.


lib hall email 20.Jul.2004 22:04

tony info@liberty-hall.org

Here's our email

Location, location, location 21.Jul.2004 11:17

Sorry but......

The problem with this space is that it's in the middle of a residential neighborhood and pretty much out of site. It's difficult for visitors to find. There's no airconditioning.

If you have the energy to put into a space like this, why not find a more suitable location/space.

Worth the trek 22.Jul.2004 10:22

a/c would be nice, though

The fact that LH isn't on a main street or centrally located is probably the only reason it exists at all. The rent sounds like a lot, but imagine how much it would be if it were right on Mississippi. It's a pain to find the first time, but the kind of stuff that I've seen there couldn't happen anywhere else. I can't make the meeting tonight, but I want to help out.
Thanks LH!