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August 15: Showdown in Venezuela

A radical process of social transformation is indeed underway in Venezuela, undermining the old system, a formal democracy with entrenched class divisions that systematically excluded the majority in that oil-rich country.
August 15: Showdown in Venezuela

Next month's referendum in Venezuela -set for August 15 -is shaping up as a decisive moment in the recent history of Latin America, and also as a test for a more mature yet still nebulous movement against war and Empire. Next month's vote will either mark yet another ratification of Hugo Chavez's radical, democratic project known as the Bolivarian Revolution, or it will mark a victory for the oligarchy in Venezuela and their backers in Washington, D.C.

The April, 2002, coup d'etat against Hugo Chavez's democratically elected government was greeted with a shameful and deafening silence by most of North America's "progressive" organizations, politicians, academics and even activists. More than two years later, the process in Venezuela enjoys greater international understanding and solidarity, which will be critical to responding to the outcome of next month's referendum. The fallout after August 15, sure to be fuelled by the corporate media -win or lose for Chavez -will definitely raise the potential of international pressure and even intervention against the government in Caracas.

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