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FNB tuesday is in dire need of a space for cooking. We currently do not have one and will not be preparing food until we can find one. :(
Howdy Indymedia folks. Special update on the activities of the Tuesday food not bombs group today; We no longer have a cook space to prepare food in. We will be unable to make yummy prepared food until we can find another space to cook in. We hope to be able to continue making produce, bread and juice pickups and dropoffs, but there will be no cooked meals. Being a regular volunteer at FNB tuesday, I had heard some chat about the Red and Black or Food for Thought at PSU possibly being able to offer kitchens, if anyone knows anything about that, please get back to us. Also, if anyone has an industrial kitchen to offer from 12-5 and 7-8:30 (for dish washing) on tuesdays, it would be ideal. We would agree to using a house kitchen or other facilities as well though. PLEASE HELP US OUT!