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The Battle Hymn Of The Proletariat

If the white-power nutheads can make a parody of the old "Glory, glory Hallelujah" in the movie American History X, so can we!
My heart has felt the dawning
Of a whole new way to live
Where the people own the land they work
And are willing to give
To our families and comrades:
We will change society!
The worker marches on!

Glory, glory to the people!
Glory, glory to the people!
Glory, glory to the people!
The worker marches on!

We send this message out to those
Who toil without rest
To the young, the old, the sick and weak
The worn-out and oppressed
To all those who sell their labor time
And can't afford to play
The worker marches on!

The wealth and property
Are in the power of a few
While the common folk can hardly eat
Their time is overdue
This kind of system is the kind
That we must overthrow
The worker marches on!

The owners use a bag of tricks
To shut the masses up
From the prisons to the media
They want to see us stopped
But don't let their propaganda tools
Keep us from seeing through
The worker marches on!

Today we have a struggle
That we cannot win at once
But resistance always starts somewhere
And it is loads of fun
Now let's organize our labor force
So we can pay for food
The worker marches on!

We call upon the people
And the workers of the world
To take the reins of ownership
From those who're undeserved
Solidarity to all of those
Who choose to join the cause!
The worker marches on!

(final chorus is 2x, the whole song is meant to be punk rock)