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Songun Politics Support Group unable to answer questions on DPRK human rights abuses?

Dear John Paul,

There are reports of horrible human rights violations in DPRK prison camps.
A good summary with satellite photographs is at  http://www.hrnk.org/hiddengulag/toc.html
(More links are at  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/02/280169.shtml )
You argue that KCNA and NDFSK deny these allegations and you try to tell me that you think Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the United Nations are not independent and trustworthy.

- KCNA and NDFSK only tell positive news about the DPRK. Why should they ever admit human rights abuses in the DPRK?
- Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the United Nations (and there are many other organisations) criticize human rights abuses in all countries of the world.

For me Amnesty International and the United Nations are more trustworthy than KCNA and NDFSK.

So my question still remains:
Why does the DPRK not allow Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the United Nations, the European Union, Christian Churches or similar organisations to visit the prison camps as described by North Korean refugees?

This is nothing to do whether anyone has any right to demand such a camp visit. The DPRK could allow this anyway to demonstrate that they respect human rights.

I found only one single answer to my question: The DPRK must hide a horrible truth about what is going on in Yodok and Haengyong and other prison camps. I would be more than happy if this could be proven false.

So my conclusion until Amnesty International and the United Nations inspect the DPRK prison camps is that the horrible reports are true. And then your praise of the humanity of Kim Jong Il has no basis. Humanity would mean to release the prisoners, including many Christians and even children. Prior to this Kim Jong Il's anti-imperialist struggle has no credibility.

Anyway your previous response shows that all you know about the DPRK is just some ideological instructions that you repeat again and again. Do you know about Yodok and Haengyong? Do you know why people are deported there? Do you know why North Korean people flee to China? Do you know about the life of the North Korean workers? I suspect most likely you would even have trouble to find North Korea on a map.

If you love the North Korean people, you would feel sympathy with the innocent victims in Yodok and Haengyong.

Comrade Critical
I already answered this last time you ask 21.Jul.2004 13:53

John Paul Cupp

How many more times do we actually have to prove over and over again that "human rights groups" and "international law" are nothing but tools of imperialism. For crying out loud. I sent a long multipage reply last time, and you have no rebuttal.

Your Future! 21.Jul.2004 23:14

Happily Licking Dear Leader's Boots!

Dear Comrade Songun Politics Critical Support Group (US):

The Juche Revolution has no need to rebut future camp dwellers such as yourself!

Long Live Communist Monarchy!

We will lick the boots of the Leader from generation to generation!

And Furthermore... 21.Jul.2004 23:20

Happily Licking Dear Leader's Boots!

Svetala bydushei chilovechista pod Kommunismu!

No, you did not provide any answer at all 22.Jul.2004 10:07

Songun Politics Critical Support Group (US)

Dear John Paul,

I have read many horrible reports about the prison camps in Yodok and Haengyong and I simply want to know what is going on at these places. Your long multipage propaganda reply did not contain a single word about Yodok and Haengyong and why no stranger is allowed to go there.

Your angry reaction tells me that you could guess there is something in the DPRK you do not want to talk about.

Tell me: What do you think happens in Yodok and Haengyong?
In case there are only peaceful and happy farmer villages, then the DPRK could even let the "tools of imperialism" or "enemies" see them. But if there are in fact horrible torture camps, then you should be aware that you are actively supporting these human rights violations. No ideology justifies such atrocities.

Please inform yourself about Yodok and Haenyong before you continue to annoy indymedia readers with meaningless Songun Politics postings that are far from any DPRK reality.

Comrade Critical

PS: KCNA wrote last year (July 2nd) in an article titled "KCNA urges U.S. to stop talking about human rights issues":
"It is by no means fortuitous that amnesty international in an annual report issued last year on its 40th anniversary listed the U.S. as a stumbling block in the human rights performance in the world."
It seems that when it comes to human rights violations by the USA, the DPRK trusts amnesty international and other "tools of imperialism".