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If you think 'free-will' is real, you are the problem.

truth inspires


I would suggest trying to make a 'choice' that isn't the result of your experience.

I understand the consideration presented is monumental, so I empathize with your lack of it in this matter. Truth is truth- pride ignores the fact that you are your experience (A.K.A. your first name is 'all motion' and you are the only thing; making pride redundant).

The truth is simple- 'is' is. It is the lies built on top of it that make it seem daunting.

in fearlessness,



OK, Free will does not exist 20.Jul.2004 12:21


OK, Free will does not exist. We are always moduling the actions of others is that what you are saying. Is it pride in the individual that gets in the way of admiting that are modules of behavior are flawed If so I agree for the most part. Please give more of an explantation this sounds interesting what is "this matter"?

If free will doesn't exist, then 20.Jul.2004 15:22


...then there is no need for you to advocate anything, because anything that anyone does is not a result of choice but rather a result of fate. Even the act of "being full of pride" is not a result of choice. How can you deny free will and at the same time urge people to "choose" to do anything, or even "try to choose"? Of course, as long as we're assuming for the sake of argument that free will does not exist, then criticizing your article becomes equally futile, since you cannot help but do exactly what you are doing, but then, neither can I. As a matter of fact, trying to do anything besides what we are actually doing is completely futile in the absence of free will. How liberating! ;-P

well said, All 21.Jul.2004 06:18


but, "trying to do anything besides what we are actually doing is completely futile" even in the presence/context of free will, because once we are doing it, we can't change this moment, only the next one. And if we want to do something different in the next moment from what we're doing in this one, we have to make the change BEFORE we get to that moment. ... But then, that's commenting on our relationship to time, not on our relationship to free will (or is David Arthur Johnston suggesting that free will (or its absence) and time are related? (He mentions "your first name is 'all motion'", and I learned in Philosophy 101 that motion takes place out of time.)

Johnston says, "I would suggest trying to make a 'choice' that isn't the result of your experience," but then says, "pride ignores the fact that you are your experience". But you are NOT your experience. You are the product of your experiences. But, first, and most of all, you are the one who HAS your experiences.

Btw, I figured out the whole free will/pre-determined thing years ago.

Good luck.

dear clamydia and dance 21.Jul.2004 09:26


pride is redundant because there is only one thing- the everything.... That is why it is a 'sin' (an action that ignores truth), because it ignores the fact that anything that comes from anything comes from the infinite experience behind that thing--- meaning that you are not you, that you are only a conduit of the 'now', with as much control as anything (which is none) because, being our experience, we can only respond to the 'now' knowing what we know--- every 'choice' is an inevitable outcome- we can only choose what our experience dictates, hence there is no choice (and knowing that whatever will be WILL be, there is no reason to fear- when we are not afraid we most efficiently move towards our happiness--- AKA we move towards the reality of freedom- free from worry and fear- the reality of 'Heaven-on-Earth... food growing everywhere and everyone helping and sharing because they know that their happiness is determined by the happiness of their environment).


dear (?) 21.Jul.2004 09:32


the wind turns our heads, as well

the matter is 'suffering/sadness'- this (my) ego is inspired to point out the way of fearlessness so that the revolution can proceed.... everything is perfect, all the time- every brutality and every beauty must be because they are- in accepting that we find fear objectified

or something...


ok, daj, 21.Jul.2004 09:58


I understand what you are saying, but I think that you are missing something here. When you speak of people having no choice, because everything they do is a predetermined reaction to their experiences, which were in turn predetermined by even earlier stimuli, then you are talking about hard determinism. In the face of hard determinisn, everything becomes irrelevant. It doesn't matter how I feel about my situation, because I am powerless to change it, or if I do change it, I was powerless to do anything else. For that matter, my feelings about my situation are predetermined as well, and so there really is no way I could feel anything else about it. If I am prideful, then in a completely deterministic world I MUST be prideful and there is no way for me to stop being prideful until fate changes my attitude. Under hard determinism, the "all-that-is", the "multiverse", the "infinite progression to the infinitely progressive power", or whatever you want to call it is static. It is a photograph, incapable of interaction or change in any way, and we become nothing but sentences on a page that can be skipped over or paraphrased. I seem to be going off on a tangent here, so I will get to the point: If you truly believed that free will is a myth, then you would not advocate ANYTHING, because you would see the futility in it. You would realize that people are incapable of doing anything that they are not already doomed to accomplish. You would understand that telling people not to be prideful is about as useful as telling the ocean to stop making waves. If a person is going to be prideful, then they are going to be prideful regardless of anything you do or say. Of course, I don't believe in hard determinism because it's depressing, but to each their own...

clamydia 21.Jul.2004 11:57


absolute predestiny

Nothing matters because there is no control. God is a play, performed perfectly, forever.

It's like, there is no good and evil and that's good because we are appreciators and there is no need for fear.

This is how the revolution starts- patience and the knowledge of the sin of pride pervade the planet... a real old-time exodus; not from one geographical place to another, but from a world that believes in pride to one that remembers humility.

in knowing love's ultimately practical nature,


Yes David 22.Jul.2004 12:36

Big Brother

There is no good and evil and that is GOOD.