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Cheney's Coming!

Cheney's coming to the airport hotel again. We can expect to be cordoned off inside a fenced in area again. Port of Portland police and federal law enforcement will be going over the area to make sure anything is okay and the RRT will be out in numbers.
Cheney will visit Portland on campaign trail
A dinner to benefit congressional candidates is planned Monday, but other stops aren't yet announced
Tuesday, July 20, 2004

While Democrats are beginning their national convention in Boston next Monday, Vice President Dick Cheney will be in Portland giving the Republican perspective.
From Our Advertiser

Cheney will be the major Republican voice out on the campaign trail next week when President Bush follows tradition by vacationing during his rival party's convention.

The Bush campaign has not given details of Cheney's West Coast campaign swing next week, but local Republicans have been receiving invitations to a Monday fund-raiser in Portland featuring the vice president.

The $1,000-perperson event at a hotel near the airport will benefit the campaigns of Republican congressional candidates Goli Ameri and Jim Zupancic, according to the invitations received by several people. Ameri is running against Rep. David Wu, D-Ore., and Zupancic is opposing Rep. Darlene Hooley, D-Ore.

In addition, Cheney's wife, Lynne, will make a separate trip to Oregon Friday to attend a $250-a-person fund-raiser for the Oregon Republican Party at a private home in West Linn, according to invitations sent out for that event.

The vice president's wife recently made news when she said the issue of gay marriage should be left to the states -- a stance that put her at odds with President Bush. It also was cited by senators who voted against a proposed federal constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. The Cheneys have an openly gay daughter who is working on the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign.

Officials from the Oregon Republican Party and for the two congressional candidates said they were not allowed to talk about any visits by the Cheneys. Typically, the White House will not release information about their travels until two days before an event.

The campaigns of Bush and Democrat John Kerry each have spent millions of dollars on advertising and grass-roots organizing in Oregon, believing it is one of fewer than 20 states that could be won by either side.

While each campaign is working hard in Oregon, principal candidates have not been frequent visitors.

Kerry has made two visits to the state this year, and Cheney visited in January for a quick fund-raiser near the Portland airport. Bush was last in Oregon in August 2003, when he appeared at a fund-raiser at the University of Portland and gave a speech in Redmond promoting his plans to thin forests to reduce the danger of wildfires.

Lynne, you're a cheap whore... 20.Jul.2004 07:11


Lynne Cheney, or possibly Lon Chaney, raising funds for $250 a head? I had no idea the wife of the shadow dictator would be seeing clients for $250/head. I think that's about the same price as any of the girls in the back of WW or the Mercury. Why, hell, I could afford to go to that one. I can't believe these people would be exposing themselves to middle class riff-raff by granting "celebrity access" for under a grand.
Except for the odious reality of supporting evil to the tune of $250, I'd almost like to see KBOO send a reporter to cover it, or some Reedies go there to disrupt it. Teach them to give common people access.

free speech zones suck 20.Jul.2004 09:20

chops freebeebumble@yahoo.com

"Cheney's coming to the airport hotel again. We can expect to be cordoned off inside a fenced in area again."

last time sucked
freespeech zones are not much fun
i would hate to see them become a normal thing

A Real Opportunity Here 20.Jul.2004 09:53

Lawrence Maushard

we should get some fucking backbone back in this town and turn out in big numbers to protest the VEEP! even if it's in a cage. the symbolism there is just too much. hollywood's best could not write a better scenario.

a few dozen people behind the fence aren't very impressive. necessary, but not impressive. but a few hundred, a few thousand would turn heads, even the national media.

we have a great opportunity here, people! what the hell else are you gonna do next Monday night, watch reruns and play in your garden?

be there !

give the war criminal hell !!

make your actual voice (not metaphorically) really heard !!!

yes, "free speech zones" suck. but it will suck SO MUCH MORE to allow the VEEP CREEP to waltz into Stumptown with no visible opposition.

it's your freakin' choice.

Portland needs to get back on the demonstration map.

Time to put up or shut up.

OK!...great!...altogether now.... 20.Jul.2004 10:27

the Cheney-Chant>>>>>>

>>>>>"go fuck yourself!"

Last time 20.Jul.2004 13:01

Raven apparition_of_peace@riseup.net

I agree, the symbalysm there is just to much; even the guy from the media who was on the other side of the fence noticed it. He told me he was naming that story "the other side of the fence" and he looked inspired by the few people that did show up to greet Cheney. I think that many of the groups in Portland are to concerned with what an action is going to look like through the lens of a camera and not concerned enough with how the actoin is going to make us, as activists and family feel about eachother.
I purpose that EVERYONE try to at least have one conversation with someone who you would never normally associate with... my masked friends, have you huged a "liberal" today?
Love works, trust me.
Love and Solidarity,

Dick -Fuckin-Cheney? Again? 20.Jul.2004 13:13


If nobody shows for this ass-hole,except for the rich dorks that are stupid enough to pay to see the prick, than we are much better off. We should post signs that read, "fuck you" or "fuck off" all along the route to the airport. What we are dealing with here is another Spiro Agnew.(ie. an over-inflated dildo)

at least those assholes finally get it... 20.Jul.2004 15:06


they are NOT welcome anywhere near the core of our town...west linn and the airport? ha ha...

alt demo downtown 20.Jul.2004 15:57

anti cage

Can we please have a demo downtown too?

I detest cheney but will not go stand in a cage at the fucking airport with a bunch of fascist pigs.

Yes, yes it's better to go to the villian, shout in his face, wave signs so he can see them, but you know what many people will no go out there. Plus, if a demo is downtown too then the popo resources must be expended at BOTH locations. Cheney doesn't even see the demonstrators out there and the press ALWAYS makes them look like idiots. But if a few streets get shut down then everyone must suffer for cheney showing his face here. Eventually the waste of resources and public pressure will force cheney to stop coming here.

Besides all that- the airport is fucking far away and the ground where they force you is inaccessible for people in wheelchairs.

No one should go get caged up in an anti-speech zone at all but if some insist go ahead. I hope others though will take to the streets downtown where the message can actually be heard.

Hardhearted Thieves 20.Jul.2004 17:46


Once more our money will be squandered on protecting Mr. Cheney during a closed, partisan political fundraising activity. It's worse this time because our local police will have to expend twice the amount of manpower to cover two greedy, fundraising events in different parts of town. And that doesn't even count the costs to fly the Cheneys here, provide Secret Service escorts, and generally scope out the area and guarantee their security. I am so tired of being fleeced by these thieves so that their insatiable appetite for more and more millions can be satisfied. I live in one of the poorest parts of town with people in desperate need of human services, jobs, and health care. Even a fraction of what these heartless bastards are raising for their war chest could turn the lives of many hundreds of thousands of people around. What's worse is that -- by using our resources for their visits -- they leech off of what little services are still available to Portland area residents.

Surely they have already identified the deep pockets in the area. If they had an ounce of decency, they would manage this thing either by satellite feed or simply ask donors to send money by mail or wire, thus avoiding bleeding local communities. They're obviously not trying to gather new voters here or they would be making themselves accessible to the public at large. So why appear in person?

Here is a simple trick! 20.Jul.2004 19:20

Bird dog

Wear a shirt that says CHENEY SUCKS, or something of the sort under a top shirt and when he shows up pull the top shirt off!

We need to protest 20.Jul.2004 21:42

because people are watching

Remember the post months ago where an Iraqi woman distressed over a family member's loss, realized from seeing pics of US protestors that we did not share our government's inhumane viewpoint.
we also need to protest to keep intact our First Amendment rights - there's much evidence that the police at the behest of city leaders are targeting dissent - we cannot allow them to discourage us from our right to express our disgust with Cheney, Inc.

Been there, done that, and it was stupid 20.Jul.2004 23:54


Hollywood's "finest" has already spoofed our wonderful cage match against the Cheney entity. On the show, "Arrested Development" there was an episode that showed one of the primary characters protesting an environmental issue in a cage very similar to the one used on us at the airport the last time. Portia whats-her-name, the actress in the show, begins to go-go dance in the cage while uniformed military types cheer her on from the outside of the fence/cage. I was at the last protest, it completely sucked as far as compliance and lack of visibility goes. I walked to the protest with pig escorts and left on MAX with pig escorts. There was a lot of dancing and whatnot, but little solidarity for those of us that thought that civil disobidience was in order. Good luck to those that show.

"We Need to Protest" is Correct! Don't let the Cage Bother You! 21.Jul.2004 08:55

Lawrence Maushard

"We Need to Protest because People are Watching" is absolutely right. Here's that post he/she referred to:

In the wake of the Abu Graib torture revelations, the Washington Post had a story with the following:
Heifa Naser, 50, Abdullah's sister-in-law who had waited in vain for the number of her husband, interrupted with tears and a choked voice. "We hate (the American soldiers)," she said. "If I can, I'll kill them by myself, but I know I can't. We have only tears, and that's all. We like the American people, but the problem is their government. They are just like us, without any power. We saw them carrying banners and having demonstrations against the war."

As a caravan of U.S. soldiers passed in front of her, Naser shouted in Arabic: "May God curse you."

So to all you anti-war wannabees who are too lazy, too burned-out, too intelligent, too disqusted, too inconvenienced to get your ass outta the house and do some real protesting against war criminal Dick Cheney this Monday, I have one thing to say:

Do whatever you want, but don't badmouth the airport demonstrations. And don't try and discourage others from attending.

Stay home and play on your computer, or watch Arrested Development reruns. Jesus!

Fuckin' lazy wimps.

One part chain link--two parts people power 21.Jul.2004 09:08

Serious impact

What can one do to have an impact when slime like this man comes to town?

What can one wear?

With constant the police/JTTF surveillance of "Free Speech Zones" (shame on both counts!) and big brother watching with expensive video cameras, is an anti-bush slogan the best choice? How about a KBOO t-shirt?

No my friends, I offer something better. This Monday, dress as an Abu Ghraib detainee and you will be speaking volumes to what is happening to this country. Here's why...

1. We wear masks and we're called terrorists. These robes hide our identity and remember torture victims in Iraq.
2. We reawaken a potent visual image that people really want to forget, but need to remember.
3. We link that image with our own free speech and THE CHAIN LINK FENCES THE CITY OF PORTLAND SEES FIT TO CONTAIN FREE SPEACH.

One Abu Ghraib detainee will be ignored.
Ten Abu Ghraib detainees are interesting.
Twenty Abu Ghraib detainees might be a media blip.
Fifty Abu Ghraib detainees are an event.
Beyond that is anyone's guess!

Carpe Diem! Seize the day! Plan on dressing appropriately this Monday for the oil soaked visit we're being forced to endure.

I commit to wearing an Abu Ghraib detainee robe to honor the people being tortured by this country. I hope you will too. If this post has inspired you, here are some more ideas.

1. Commit to showing up and wearing Abu Ghraib detainee robes. Post a comment to this post to confirm it. You can comment anonymously. Your post helps people see they will not be doing this alone.
2. Bring two or more extra robes if you can. When this catches on, people will be willing to wear the robes and help out. By doing this we'll increase our impact.
3. Wear your robes under your clothes until you arrive. No use inviting police harassment. Together we are strong.

This is a post independent of any group or organization. If you want to help out or get involved with this, take the initiative yourself. Your pretty resourceful, right?

I look forward to NOT seeing your courageous face this Monday at this dubious visit and hopefully on the TV news. Remember, if you want to see this happen, you have to go buy the fabric and take the initiative.

For the torture victims in Iraq!

Hey IndyMedia Editors! 21.Jul.2004 09:21

Make Cheney's Visit a Feature Post!

I hope that IndyMedia editors see fit to make the Cheney visit Monday a feature post. Isn't this type of event -- a notable visit from the war criminal administration that we need to protest -- what this medium is here for?

Please don't tell me we need an organizing committee or sponsoring group to gain legatimacy in the eyes of IndyMedia.


bas couture 21.Jul.2004 19:30


graphic refresher, from the house of rumbsfeldt
reference for protest costume
reference for protest costume

let's pick 5-6 people to go... 21.Jul.2004 20:02


...and the rest of us stay home. it'd be better to make fools of the city and police department by having so many of them out there for no good reason, as a big waste of money. no protest on such short notice, and out in the middle of nowhere like that, is going to be well attended anyway.


Iranian-American Democrat


She is Iranian-American Goli Ameri, from a Royalist Iranian family and now a Republican in exile -- a logical progression.

But she is no "refugee" from the Iranian revolution -- despite her campaign's and the local media's haphazard and inconsistent reporting about when and how she made it to America.

Not all Iranian-born emigres came because of the revolution; many like Ameri came to the US years before the 1978-79 revolution for studies.

This matter has only recently has been corrected by Ameri on the GOP's own website(s) and only because of its exposure on the EYERANIAN.NET blog.

Her GOP bosses in Washington have highlighted Ameri as a key challenger; indeed she has raised over $1 million in cash, BUT THE VAST MAJORITY FROM OUT-OF-STATE IRANIAN-AMERICANS.

She is getting her support from a minority within the Iranian-American community who would not mind Bush sending troops into Iran, since after 25 years in exile these Royalists have lost hope of restoring themselves back to power.

More importantly there is a serious discussion in the Iranian-American community about the possibility/probability of a pre-emptive strike on Iran by a re-elected Bush Administration -- maybe even with Ameri as the first Iranian-born member of Congress acting as Bush's War-with-Iran Whore.

Of course real War Whore in the Bush Administration is Condoleezza Rice. And Ameri has told the local Willamette Week that her role-model is Condie Rice.

Thoughtful Portlanders and Oregonians should get behind Congressman David Wu to make sure that he gets re-elected in November.

Ameri is exactly the kind of elitist and disconnected "ethnic" candidate that the GOP is trying to push to the forefront.

Cheney helped her out last month with a $1000-a-person fundraiser; Bush is coming to town on Friday, indubitably to meet with his #1 pro-war whore in Oregon.