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Iran tries to sue Saddam--2 weeks later there's an Iran/al-Qaeda "connection"

A tit for tat chess game
Brief chronology of events:

Saddam is brought out and paraded before cameras. He is charged by a genuine Iraqi court with 7 initial counts, including the invasion of Kuwait. A notable absence from the charges was Saddam's unprovoked attack on Iran (aside from minor border skirmishes it was unprovoked).

Fast forward 1 week--the government of Iran expresses a desire to bring charges against Saddam for the invasion of Iran, and the crimes against humanity committed during that war. Of course, the US would have to be implicated as a conspirator in those charges for providing arms and/or logistical/financial support to Iraq. Thus, things get complicated.

Fast forward 2 weeks--Suddenly there's a murky connection between Iran and 8 of the 9/11 conspirators, prompting a public utterance from no less than George Bush. The discovery is apparently a "finding" of the 9/11 commission.

Gee, I guess Iran should just keep it's mouth shut about that whole Iraq invasion thing in the 80's, lest more connections with terrorism should arise.

Ah, a classic tit for tat chess game. But who will win?

To Iran's credit, they were the Taliban's #1 enemy, threatening at least once to get rid of that brutal regime.

I'm out
That's more than Uncle Sam can say, Reagan founded the Taliban! 20.Jul.2004 09:19


To Iran's credit, they were the Taliban's #1 enemy, threatening at least once to get rid of that brutal regime.

Genuine Iraqi court???? 21.Jul.2004 18:22

"genuine genius"

You can't mean the court of US stooges, put in place by the illegal US occupation authorities who invaded Iraq under false pretences, can you? The court which is under the direction of Salem Chalabi, whose uncle Ahmed is the darling of the Pentagon neocons and an Iranian agent.

Iran being the nation which supported a Kurdish rebellion in Iraq for 40 years with US and Israeli help, despite the fact that the Iraqi Kurds enjoyed a degree of autonomy which was unknown in Iran or Turkey, among many other aggressions through the years.

I was being facetious 21.Jul.2004 21:56


I was joking about the genuine Iraqi court. Ahmed Chalabi has fallen from grace, but you're right that his nephew is the lead lawyer (or something) in the case against Saddam. Naomi Klein has written that while Ahmed chalabi has fallen from grace, Iraq still needs to be "de-Chalabified" because during his brief stint as US front man, he placed relatives and cronies in every major government post and ministry in Iraq, and they're all loyal to him (or his ideals and motives).

As for the Kurdish thing, I don't know much about that.