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spread the word!
This is off of a union listserve so their plans are fine and of course the sky is the limit for more plans. I will post more info as it becomes available.
This is off of a union listserve so I will post more info as it becomes available. so their plans are fine and of course the sky is the limit for more plans. I will post more info as it becomes available.


Hello All -

Dick Cheney is coming to Portland on Monday, July 26th, one week from today.
He is doing a fundraiser that evening in Portland for Jim Zupancic (who is
running against Darlene Hooley in the 5th Cong. District). He will be flying
into Portland that afternoon at approximately 2:00 and the fundraiser doors
open @ 4:30.

We need you to plan to turn out on Monday to an event at
10:30 AM. Location: TBD.

Here is what we have so far on the event:

Date: Monday, July 26th (one week from today)
Time: 10:30 AM
Place: TBD (somewhere in downtown Portland. Will know for certain
on Tuesday)

We will send you more information on the location as it is available.

ALSO, there may be a rally/protest in the early evening near the Cheney
fundraiser (which is being held at the Embassy Suites on Airport Way). I
will let you know those details as they unfold.
Back in your cages 19.Jul.2004 22:52


plan to wear your best chain link attire to blend in with your free speech zone environment. And, wear a really big magnet.

And Loving It! 20.Jul.2004 09:58

Lawrence Maushard

I'd rather be back in my airport Cheney cage than hiding behind some computer screen in some dark bedroom whacking off to the Bush twins.

fuck off GOP war criminals!

see you all back in the cages, the only place for real patriots

One part chain link - Two parts people power 20.Jul.2004 23:08

Serious Impact

What can one do to have an impact when slime like this man comes to town?

What can one wear?

With constant the police/JTTF surveillance of "Free Speech Zones" (shame on both counts!) and big brother watching with expensive video cameras, is an anti-bush slogan the best choice? How about a KBOO t-shirt?

No my friends, I offer something better. This Monday, dress as an Abu Ghraib detainee and you will be speaking volumes to what is happening to this country. Here's why...

1. We wear masks and we're called terrorists. These robes hide our identity and remember torture victims in Iraq.
2. We reawaken a potent visual image that people really want to forget, but need to remember.
3. We link that image with our own free speech and THE CHAIN LINK FENCES THE CITY OF PORTLAND SEES FIT TO CONTAIN FREE SPEACH.

One Abu Ghraib detainee will be ignored.
Ten Abu Ghraib detainees are interesting.
Twenty Abu Ghraib detainees might be a media blip.
Fifty Abu Ghraib detainees are an event.
Beyond that is anyone's guess!

Carpe Diem! Seize the day! Plan on dressing appropriately this Monday for the oil soaked visit we're being forced to endure.

I commit to wearing an Abu Ghraib detainee robe to honor the people being tortured by this country. I hope you will too. If this post has inspired you, here are some more ideas.

1. Commit to showing up and wearing Abu Ghraib detainee robes. Post a comment to this post to confirm it. You can comment anonymously. Your post helps people see they will not be doing this alone.
2. Bring two or more extra robes if you can. When this catches on, people will be willing to wear the robes and help out. By doing this we'll increase our impact.
3. Wear your robes under your clothes until you arrive. No use inviting police harassment. Together we are strong.

This is a post independent of any group or organization. If you want to help out or get involved with this, take the initiative yourself. Your pretty resourceful, right?

I look forward to NOT seeing your courageous face this Monday at this dubious visit and hopefully on the TV news. Remember, if you want to see this happen, you have to go buy the fabric and take the initiative. For the torture victims in Iraq!
Its a simple costume with a powerful message!
Its a simple costume with a powerful message!