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Republican Trolls

I was just wondering...
Has anyone else noticed that every time Bush falls behind in the Polls they call out the Trolls?

I invite your comments.
Very noticeable 18.Jul.2004 21:22


Across the board - all the major networks and news organizations have run "stories" and aired "talk shows" attempting to muddy the waters in the increasingly damning case against the Bush administration. The campaign is almost laughable in its transparency, but unfortunately history shows a disturbingly high percentage of the brain-dead population is swayed by this crapola. For my money, all these professional liars ought to suffer the same fate as Lord Haw Haw. Goebbels had nothing on these guys.

"If he slips in the polls, we must send in the trolls." [Karl Rove]

for a troll free america 19.Jul.2004 11:05

greg snyder

besides troll, what is the proper term? ideologue? demagogue? pundit? loud mouth right wing fascist? it really amazes me that these media announcers seem to sway public opinion as much as they apparently do. deliver a message of fear, distortion, lies, deception, and it appleals to the public and they take it hook, line, and sinker. that's another reason why it's important for the bush administration to promote the lowest common educational denominator which is why he has so consistently attacked education in this country. in other words, if he does all he can to see to in that americans are not able to think critically, see his actions for what they are, understand his ideology and agenda, his type of administration won't have as many problems pursuing its goals, he thinks. but so far, historically, it seems to be true, unfortunately. it's very sad, and at times i have really been amazed at how seemingly stupid the american public has been. (i never once voted for ronald regan because i could only see that he was dangerous to the country yet he was elected by a landslide.) it's very disappointing. despite everything going against it, i hope that some day americans will become less afraid to think critically and expect more from their government and elected officials. we will only continue to have the problems we are having as long as americans don't exercise their duty to create a responsive, responsible government.

maybe they should call out the forces to get ried of them once an for all 19.Jul.2004 15:15


Maybe killing them would do it!

They are just another cling-on! 19.Jul.2004 19:43


That is why you should always keep some TP close by.

When you hear their rants, just take a second and wipe them away.

How to Deal With Clingons: A friendly guide from Ooglie Mooglie! 20.Jul.2004 00:53

clamydia clamydia@tearitalldown.com

Step 1: Sit and wait patiently for them to fall off. You may wiggle a little bit, but not to much lest you exacerbate the coundition. Do not let impatience get the better of you! Using wiping material on a still clinging clingon is a surefire way to smear it, causing one to have to use massive amounts of wiping material or even jump in the shower in order to RECTify the situation. Only use toilet paper as a last resort after having waited long enough to determine that the clingon has become stuck to the point of non-droppage.

Step 2: If the clingon drops away, lightly wipe away the clingon residue from the outside of the clingon portal with a certified clingon wiping material. DO NOT penetrate the portal with the wiping material! If done on a regular basis, portal penetration by clingon wiping material can lead to stretching of the portal and weakening of the portal clamping mechanisms. Only allow penetration of the clingon portal by authorized stimulatory agents*.

Step 3: If the clingon does not drop away within fifteen Galactic Standard Minutes (GSMs), outside assistance will be necessary in order to facillitate droppage. Proceed as follows:

  • Remove a small amount of wiping material from the Certified Clingon Wiping Material Dispenser.
  • Lower main viewing sensors to portal level by lifting portal from Voiding Mechanism. You will need to use leverage from the upper mass of the Structure by bending the central Structure Frame forward while slightly increasing the degrees of the angles at the joints of the two Stabilizing Mechanisms shown in figure 1:1**. (Note: If your Structure Frame posseses an Insertable Reproductive Device and Dual Chromosomatic/Spermatic Production Units, then you must lift teh aforementioned devices in order to view the clingon portal.)
  • When you are able to view the clingon portal, it will then be possible to cause the dislocation of the clingon mass. Simply reach back with the Certified Clingon Wiping Material and, using a corner of the material, gently nudge the clingon mass that continues to cling to the portal, keeping all Structural parts out of the downward potential gravitational trajection path of the clingon. The clingon should eventually dislodge and fall into the Voiding Mechanism for easy evacuation. Don't forget to wipe away the clingon residue!
This completes the clingon removal guidepamphlet. We at Ooglie Mooglie hope that your veriest mental facilities have been brought to bear by our informative "how-to" piece, and that you may now rest knowing that others have thought of a simple step-by-step process by which one may remove a persistantly hanging piece of fecal matter from the periphery of an anal sphincter. ?2004 Ooglie Mooglie pRoducitons