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Peace protestor assaulted -- Portland police disperse heckling assailants

At 3:35 pm today [Saturday], police were called to the corner of SE 37th and Hawthorne in response to a physical attack on Glen Owen. Owen was standing on sidewalk hoisting the foil-wrapped peace symbol that appeared on the front page of the ~Portland Tribune~ of July 2nd 2004.

A heckler, a middle aged woman, shouted, "Bush is your President!" Owen shouted back "Fuck off or go fuck yourself and your vice-president too!"

At that point a middle-aged man walking behind the heckler struck Owen in the face shouting, "You don't speak to my wife like that."

Then Owen, who is homosexual, shouted "That's a hate crime; call the police!" The middle-aged man continued shouting various kinds of neo-con invective while shielding himself behind the bodies of his wife and daughter. Owen made no attempt to respond with physical violence, merely repeating "That's a hate crime; call the police!" while police were called, apparently by the proprietress of the nearby Café Bagdad.
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