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We Are Fighting a Losing Battle

By choosing between the lesser of two evils every four years, we have sunk to the bottom of a cesspit as a country. I, for one, am SICK OF IT!!! I say it is time to stand up do something about it!
Button or Sign
Button or Sign
By choosing between the lesser of two evils every four years, we
have sunk to the bottom of a cesspit as a country. I, for one, am SICK OF
IT!!! I am SICK of not being represented by my supposed "representatives"
at both state and federal levels. I am SICK of those bastard politicians
doing things that are BAD for me and my family and my community. I am
SICK of them pissing away money to help make their rich friends richer,
while screwing us out of jobs, homes, dreams, educations, and health
care!!! I am SICK TO DEATH of people not being able to find work and
HAVING to join the military just so they can support their families and
have medical insurance or to get an education.

I will not be voting at all (not even for Nadar as I feel he would
be totally ineffectual as a President and the Repubs will just run right
over him) in November. Instead, I will be protesting the election and the
lack of CHOICE. I will have my sign that says "SATAN FOR PRESIDENT!!!!
Because I am tired of choosing between the lesser of two evils!" on one
side, and on the other explaining WHY I am protesting the election (1)
lack of choice 2) Both are Bonesman 3) Neither have MY best interests in
mind 4) Both take money form big corporations 5) One copped out of going
to Nam, the other got home, ran for public office, and sold out those who
were POW/MIA that he called "Brothers in Arms" .

Those of you who are like me and think this is just a big set up, I
ask you to do the same this November. Protest with me all over the
country!! Make your signs, gather fellow voters who feel the same and
persuade those with the Anyone But bush attitude to join you because,
let's face it, a vote for Kerry IS a vote for Bush!! Let's let the world
know that the reason we are NOT voting is because we are sick of the way
this country has given no choice in who are leaders are, and not just
because we do not CARE, as the press keeps saying.

Send out press releases to the local and National media letting
them know WHEN, WHERE, and WHY, and request that they cover your protest.
Let's let the world know that we DO care about who we elect, but that we
refuse to vote, not the other way around as everyone seems to think!!!


"Fulltime Mother and Official US Domestic Dissident" according to
the DHS/FBI guidelines

phone: phone: 563-556-3736
address: address: 1585 1/2 Delhi Street HOUSE

the god-king-president fallacy 19.Jul.2004 22:31

politics as impossible

Jena has fallen into the trap of believing that the god-king-president thing is the only thing happening, and so she supports boycotting it because it doesn't work. Thing is, there are about 60 members of the progressive caucus in the U.S. House of Representative, including one Independent (Socialist) -- if we could make that 60 into 260, we could really make some changes. Jena probably doesn't even know who the U.S. Representative is in her district. She has probably never heard of the House Progressive Caucus. That's the way the media and the powers-that-be want it, how they want her to think.

Sometimes we imagine we are rebelling when all we are doing is following another path set out for us by the media mind-control. It's like people who think they are doing original research on the Web, following links and pathways that have been set out by people paid to lay those links and pathways like traps. (Ooops, my paranoia is showing.)