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Do Cops & Feds Monitor PIMC 24/7?

Somebody made a comment that Portland IMC is monitored 24/7 by cops and feds? Does anybody have any personal experiences or solid information that this is true?
Who monitors it? Who's budget does that come out of? I'm sure it gets reviewed by somebody somewhere from time to time, but I never thought there was anything on here worth monitoring. So long as people who get their info from Fox outnumber people who get it from places like IMC by 100,000:1, I find it hard to believe it gets monitored constantly. Those who seek to control the thinking of the masses have invested very heavily in the gradual conditioning of the population and the consolidation and control of mass media, that it's hard to believe they really do anything but scoff at a few free thinking individuals.
All IMC's are monitored 24/7. 18.Jul.2004 11:12


This should be of little surprise since the entire Internet is under surveillance. IMC's, I'm sure, are among the most important sources of information regarding planned protests, methodologies of protest and are used heavily, by the Feds, to smear and harass activists.

In most cases, any IMC being abused by the Feds is innocent of collaboration with the Feds. The Feds can listen to packets going to and coming from IMC site though other nodes on the network connected to them. In a few cases, especially in the North East, IMC's have been infiltrated by Feds.

The PATRIOT Act enabled the FBI to browse open forums such as this one. Since many FBI agents are assholes, they have picked targets and attempt to harass them into illegal online activities. I don't know what Congressional bill authorized them to use funds to do this, but since documentation exists proving that the FBI is engaged in online crimes such as credit card fraud, death threats and other kinds of harassment, I wouldn't be surprised if their entire operation is illegal.

I don't know about 24/7 but........... 18.Jul.2004 11:17


This site is monitored on a regular basis, I don't know about 24/7 but I do know it is read by federal employees. I can't be specific but I have been told by individuals working inside the federal system that the site is monitored for potential protest activitys and events relating to forest defense. Do not post anything on any IMC that is not public information and do not post any planning for direct action. Observe basic security culture guidelines at all times. Big Brother is watching, I cas assure you of that.

Who Cares? 18.Jul.2004 12:09


If you're expressing your opinion or if you're providing info, who cares about who reads it? If it's not meant for public consumption, then possibly it should not be on a public forum.

PIMC IS monitored 18.Jul.2004 12:11

PPBCopwatcher PPBCopwatcher@yahoo.com

PIMC is definitely monitored by PPB officers and the Criminal Intelligence Division (Red Squad). Doubtful it's 24/7, but it's certainly daily and likely more than once a day.

unnamed Federal Law Enforcement Official... 18.Jul.2004 13:22

this thing here

"You can rest assured that we do not monitor this website at all. Contrary to public belief, this government has neither the technology, the expertise, or the intellectual capability to monitor the internet at all. Your privacy on the internet is assured, and complete.

But more importantly, we have a strong belief in civil rights in this organization, as strong as our dear President's. And as our dear President has said, we too believe that freedom and rights are 'a gift from the heavenly father.'

You, as citizens, can look no further than the likes of the PATRIOT ACT, our detaining of suspects for years without bringing any charges against them, as well as our honorable treatment of detained Iraqi's, to see how strongly this administration believes in civil and human rights, and how well we protect these gifts from God. In fact, we love civil rights as much as that character in the novel 'Of Mice and Men' loved the little fuzzy creatures."

some more proof 18.Jul.2004 13:35

F. D

Yeah, I show up for trial on a crtical mass demo charge. My lawyer has nothing but the distric attorney has everything ever mentioned about the C.M. bike ride that was put up on indy news, color copies too. They admitted in court that they monitor the site. They say of course it's too protect us. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I feel so safe

yes, it's 24/7 (if you believe the cops) 18.Jul.2004 14:09

indy activist

at least two portland police have told indymedia activists that the PPD monitors the site "24/7". in both situations, the admittal was purely informational and not part of a context of intimidation or anything like that.

an example 18.Jul.2004 17:37


we used to keep track of the hits, too many ultimately.
see  http://www.notbored.org/army.html and  http://www.notbored.org/army-list.html

IMCs probably get the same or even more such visits (25 or so per day)

how much do they know? 18.Jul.2004 17:49


this thing here:thanks for the laughs and the smiles you gave.you're great.
question:i know they monitor this site but do they know the source/author of the posings?an indy insider is probably the best to address this.

Microsoft is a big concern too 18.Jul.2004 22:06


I think Microsoft and maybe other tech companies monitor IMC's to make sure their public image doesn't get out of hand. I've written some articles about Microsoft, critically, and shortly after that my computer crashed and I noticed some people following me, like private investigators. Like an idiot, I put my actual hotmail e-mail address on the first article I wrote, which could have been traced back to my actual name, and eventually to me.

Maybe. So? 19.Jul.2004 10:03

Bison Boy

PIMC is a conversation open to all, so there's nothing stopping them from reading it. It's not like it'd take too many hours out of their day to read everything here, either. In fact, it'd be pretty foolish of them to *fail* to monitor it, since it's so easy. The only reason they wouldn't want to read it is if they think it's too trivial to bother with.

Assume your comments are being read by the police, and ask yourself if you care. Me, I don't care if they read what I say... but then, I'm not likely to propose anything illegal at all, let alone here.

If you're thinking of saying something that advocates or proposes violence against people or property, I'd suggest that this may not be such a great place to do it unless you have taken extreme measures to ensure that your posting cannot be tracked back to you. Violent plans are pretty foolish in any case, but posting about 'em here is doubly so.

(Oh, hey... to any feds listening, be sure to tell Mr. Ashcroft to stop wiping his ass with the Constitution. Thanks.)

definitely maybe 19.Jul.2004 16:11

sort of an insider

It's technically possible that outsiders of various sorts could be monitoring internet traffic to and from various indymedia servers, including this one. When you post info on indymedia, your actual post action is not encrypted, so if somebody has positioned himself in the right spot in the network and is sniffing the packets going in and out of that particular server at that exact moment, they could note a connection between what you posted and the IP address you posted from.

Of course, they could use the same tricks to read over your shoulder and figure out who you are when you're reading e-mail at MSN Hotmail or Yahoo! It's not just an indymedia thing.

Naturlich! 20.Jul.2004 08:17

Donut Boy

Of course we snitch on you guys all the time! We don't know a word of Arabic (well we do actually coz we have little courses in it paid for with your taxes) and as a consequence we only bother with you guys. Besides, everyone knows the al-qaeda threat is just made up rubbish to distract from what should be a 'domestic threat'.
We also do the war on kiddie porn thing, snitch on the chinks and the ruskies but, sadly, we do little more than that. Quite a lot of windows gets re-installed, systems upgraded and all kinds of other 'top secret' things.
Anyway, most of our work is so dull that only shame stops most of us from spilling the beans on the sham that is snitchery-today. We listen to a lot of rap music cuz they and their homies could potentially be a trouble with all that gangland violence, rims, chintz-jewellery and d-rugz.
One huge-o-problem for us snitches is that none of us know anything about the big piccy. Only a few big cheeses are allowed to any of that stuff - i.e. minor things like who really pulled down the Twin Towers and whether the whole thing was a protest against the arms-trade, timed to coincide with the opening of the DSEi arms-trade fair in London's Docklands...
Some of us know how to use 'grep' so whatever you do, don't ask anything about 'disarm-DSEi' in the run up to November 2, or go on some super-spiky offensive against the war machine.
Must dash, got few other folk to snitch on other than you paranoid newbies. See ya later!

IMC photos used in prosecutions 20.Jul.2004 13:49


After I was arrested on 3/20/03 for blocking I-5, photos from the IMC were part of the evdidence presented against me.

Yes they can track and trace you 20.Jul.2004 14:27

But...it is expensive

Of course this site is monitored. One can't be so naive as to think they don't watch the activities and track anyone who is a threat to their interests?

A better concern is what can they do with the info they obtain and how important it is to their interests to pursue you as an individual.

Most posts and comments are not a threat to their power and control so no worry there.
As for your annonymity on these forums...if they can't pin point any download to any IP address and threaten legal action how can one wonder if they follow anyone the internet, if they want to?